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City of Dance 2018 – an original dance-event!

City of Dance – The must-attend dancefestival in the south-west of the Netherlands! The creative crossover-festival offers a 3-days music-event in the southern Dutch province Zeeland on the 13th, 14th and 15th of July 2018.  With diverse music-genres represented and creative fun and actually a festival-camping it’s a no-brainer to go! All music-genres represented! Big

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City Of Dance Festival Weekender 2016

It all began about 16 years ago with a small dance-parade in Middelburg and now the organization You Dance offers visitors a weekender at a brand-new location including campsite and pre-party. Last year the Festival was placed 2nd on the Festivalchart so we couldn’t miss out on the expansion of the concept this year. We

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City of Dance 2015

At the 18th July we visited City of Dance Festival in the capital of Zeeland: Middelburg. The Festival is one of the major events taking place every year in Zeeland. With a part that’s free in the city centre and a part of the festival that’s taking place in Hof van Tange the festival is

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