Close friends Afrojack & David Guetta drop new collab called ‘HERO’

We noticed that Afrojack was teasing a new collaboration coming up and David Guetta was doing the same. The day after, both producers released an official teaser of the track ‘HERO’, so we decided to have a short chat with Nick van de Wall about this upcoming release.

The world-famous DJ, born and raised in Spijkenisse is returning to his hometown Rotterdam for the Eurovision Song Contest on 22 May. Afrojack will perform alongside Glennis Grace and Wulf during the interval act of the Grand Final. It is the first time in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest that a DJ performs the interval act during the final supported by a youth orchestra which is specially assembled for this act. The Eurovision Song Contest airs in 41 countries and is watched by over 200 million households annually.

‘Hero’ is an inspiring summer song and is a crossover between Pop and EDM. The song carries an inspirational message: there is a hero in everyone. That the smallest gestures can help and touch others, is what Afrojack and David Guetta want to emphasize with this song. The upcoming collab is an extension of the Eurovision Song Contest theme, which is ‘Open Up’ this year. This isn’t the first collaboration between Afrojack and David Guetta. They have achieved great success with songs like Titanium, Hey Mama and This One’s for You. Afrojack about how the new collab came about: ‘’David and I never lost touch. I received the vocals from Luxtides and sent them to David. He loved it and we finished the track together.’’

Afrojack: ‘’We were supposed to premiere ‘HERO’ at Ultra Musical Festival Miami last year, which was unfortunately postponed because of Covid-19. At the same time, Eurovision reached out to me. The track turned out to be a perfect match with the Eurovision Song Contest theme.’’

Afrojack about the upcoming release:

“Working together with my brother David Guetta is always a pleasure, but it is also an honour to be able to collaborate with all the talented writers on this record: Ellie Goulding, Stargate, Ryan Tedder and Jamie Scott.” He proceeds: “This song is a return to our roots, with big melodies, big vocals and a big drop. It’s amazing to be able to combine an amazing song with our electronic sound.”

Afrojack aka Kapuchon

David Guetta

“Nick and I have been friends for so many years and have worked on some great songs in the past. So it’s great to finally release a record together again. And it’s been a pleasure working with such talented writers.”

Afrojack mentions: ‘Besides that David is a good friend of mine, he’s also one of my musical heroes. Even though I created the track together with David, my dedicated team is also a huge part of Afrojack’s brand, they’re the heroes behind the scenes for sure. Many of my team members have been with me for years. I’m the performer on stage, but the dedicated team working in the background are the ones who help me to establish the Afrojack brand and getting my music out there. We are working hard right now with the Eurovision team to create the show for the Grand Final. It’s so much different from performing on stage at Ultra Music Festival or another festival, but we’re super focused on putting together a show that is interesting for the Eurovision audience.’

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