Globally acclaimed producer Alok has launched his own social institute called Instituto Alok

Alok Brazil

He has donated 5.2 million dollars to the foundation

Brazilian DJ and producer Alok has launched a social institute bearing his own name, and has donated 5.2 million dollars (biggest donation made by a Brazilian artist) to the foundation.

Throughout his life, Alok has been dedicated to social causes and been dedicated to human and environmental development in the world, especially in Brazil. He sought inspiration from charities he has supported in the past, with the objective of financing projects to combat social exclusion and foster access to opportunities, especially for young people and women in vulnerable, rural and urban areas in Brazil.
“The idea of ​​the Alok Institute is something very important to me because it really is an idea that gives my life meaning. I have already had some intense periods of depression for feeling emptiness until I realized that the search for a purpose in life is essential.” 
Alok explains.

“At this point I started to travel to Africa, in Mozambique, and to understand the philanthropic question even more. I realized that through music I can build something bigger, with long-term social investments. They are fronts that move my heart and that I want to strengthen with partnerships to always have more and more seeds sown “

He has supported important charities in Brazil over the years which include Fraternidade sem Fronteiras, Retratos da Esperança, GRAAC – Grupo de Apoio ao Adolescente e à Criança com Câncer, Hospital Pequeno Príncipe, Projeto Axé, Projeto Anelo, Todos pela Saúde, Associação Peter Pan, Amifest Igrejinha/RS, Médicos Sem Fronteiras, and SAS Brasil – Saúde, Alegria e Sustentabilidade.

Alok also aims to engage new partners to compose the fund and expand the initiatives, which focus on three pillars: Entrepreneurship, Social Gastronomy (food security) and Expansion of Consciousness (human development).

With this in mind, Alok has invited the journalist Geraldinho Vieira, who has extensive experience in the field of human rights and has also served as executive director of the Agência de Notícias dos Direitos da Infância (ANDI), representative of the Fundação Avina in Brazil and consultant to several international philanthropic institutions like the Fundação Ford. He is also known as Devam Bhaskar, head of a meditation center in Chapada dos Veadeiros.