Klingande joins Stefan Dabruck Management

Klingande and Stefan Dabruck

French DJ and producer Cédric Steinmyller, better known for his musical project Klingande, has signed to a new management agency. He is now represented globally by Stefan Dabruck Management – SDM. CEO Stefan Dabruck and his entire team warmly welcome Klingande to the SDM family.

With his single “Jubel” released in October 2013, Klingande reached #1 on the German, Austrian and Swiss single charts. In his native France, he reached #5 on the charts. The single became the most successful French production in Germany since “Lambada” in 1989.

In Spring 2015, Klingande’s third single “Riva”, with the French singer Broken Back achieved high chart positions across Europe. At the end of last year, his highly anticipated debut double album The Album was released and received much acclaim.

For over 20 years, managers Stefan Dabruck and Frank Klein have represented the likes of Robin Schulz, Alle Farben, HUGEL, Panjabi MC and Laserkraft 3D, who have all paved the way to international success.

Founded in 2017, SDM focuses on artist management, music production and A&R as well as representing DJs, producers and numerous songwriters across Germany, France, Great Britain and Greece as well as Nashville, USA.

At SDM, CEO Stefan Dabruck is certain that Klingande “is still facing a successful career. We are very pleased to be able to accompany him on the way up from now on.”