LNY TNZ launches ‘label less’ music label FVCK GENRES


After setting the example for artistic diversity in EDM, LNY TNZ continues to push boundaries for other DJs, musicians and songwriters with the launch of their new music label FVCK GENRES.

Dutch DJ and producer Jan Stadhouders, better known as LNY TNZ, announces the kick-off of his new label FVCK GENRES with the release of his new single ‘Unstoppable (feat. Talksick)’.

The label name might sound familiar, as LNY TNZ successfully launched the brand a few years ago, including a merchandise line, mixtapes and hosted stages.

FVCK GENRES is a ‘label less’ label, welcoming artists who uninterruptedly follow their own path, regardless of what the music industry tells them to be or how to act. It’s not so much about creating a new standard, but all about staying true to your own identity, renewing yourself and having a little fun while you’re at it. Life’s too short for boxes, and LNY TNZ hopes to inspire others to endlessly experiment and keep exploring the infinite world outside the box.

First single ‘Unstoppable (feat. Talksick)’ is a LNY TNZ solo, inspired by Jan’s personal mindset, which also marks the foundation of the new label.

LNY TNZ: “For the debut release of the label, I wanted to show I’m in it for the long run and I’m just getting started. That’s how the idea of the title ‘Unstoppable’ came up. The song is about love, but it also reflects on my mindset.”

Unstoppable is out now on all stores: https://fvckgenres.ffm.to/fvck001.es

To celebrate the kick-off of the label, LNY TNZ released Mixtape 5, featuring some of the upcoming releases. Stream here or download here.

For more info on FVCK GENRES, please visit:

Website I Instagram | Facebook I SoundCloud


Whether you don’t give a fvck about tomorrow, your trap is going techno, or you’re just a little paranoid, there’s a great reason to get fired up about LNY TNZ.

Inspired by the passion of putting a new twist on hard hitting EDM. LNY TNZ started releasing underground bootlegs, remixes and original music, and was quickly noticed in the Dutch music scene, known for a total unique sound combining different styles of music. Even then, LNY TNZ was trying to push the genre boundaries and gained immediate support from leading artists.

LNY TNZ kicked off some solo hits and remixes in succession, and in collaboration with some of top artists in the space and received radio play worldwide. LNY TNZ recently toured around the globe, stopping at festivals including Tomorrowland, EDC Vegas, Mysteryland and Defqon.1 to name a few.

LNY TNZ continuously pushes the boundaries of the EDM genre, famously embracing the term FVCK GENRES. His music and stage hostings is proof of this, as LNY TNZ collaborate with rappers, vocalists, and DJs to expand the sounds and reach of his music.