Martin Garrix in action for War Child!

Martin Garrix in action for War Child!

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An exclusive show on February 21st, Paradiso – Amsterdam

Ticket-sales start 20th January.

On February 21st Martin Garrix will take action for War Child. At that night, the number 1 DJ of the world will be doing a one-time-only and unique show at Paradiso Amsterdam. Garrix is doing the show for free and all earnings will go to War Child. He just announced this at the morning show of Mattie & Wietze at Qmusic.

Garrix (20): “I enjoy working for great charities and War Child is one of those. I think it’s great that War Child is helping out hundreds of thousands of children in war-zones and I’m eager to take action for them.” 

Tjipke Bergsma (director War Child): “We’re extremely proud that Martin Garrix is doing an exclusive show for War Child. His innovative music is universal and connects people. Music is an important part of our work, because it helps to make it easier for kids to process their experiences and express their emotions.”

Ticket-sales for ‘Martin Garrix voor War Child’ starts Friday 20th January at 12:00h via Tickets are available from 50 euros. The proceedings of the night will go to the projects of War Child in the 14 countries in which they are operating. For over 20 years War Child is the expert in terms of offering psychosocial help, protection and education to war-children.

To do its work, the organization depends on many special organization and people. War Child has a low-cost policy, which means that that organization aims to get as much things sponsored as possible. ‘Martin Garrix voor War Child’ is made possible thanks to the support of amongst others: Martin Garrix, Paradiso, E&A Events, Qmusic and The Media Nanny.