Watch the after movie for Hardwell’s ‘World’s Biggest Guestlist’ concert!

 Hardwell biggest guestlist aftermovie
You can now re-live Hardwell’s incredible journey with his ‘World’s Biggest Guestlist’ concert in Mumbai with the release of the official Aftermovie. Held on Sunday December 13th 2015 in one of India’s largest stadiums, the D.Y. Patil Stadium in Mumbai, Hardwell joined by over 70,000 fans on his own personal guest list united for an historical occasion to “make a social difference” that brought awareness and change around the much-needed issue of education for young underprivileged children living in the slums of Mumbai.
Together with charity organisation Magic Bus, this enormous charity event staged byHardwell’s United We Are Foundation and raised enough money to benefit over 18,000 children living in poverty, thanks to the many contributions of the sponsors and donations from fans. Now fans around the world can celebrate the tremendous achievement of this occasion with a cinematic recounting of the concerts musical event and Foundation’s social goal.
Featuring highlights from Hardwell’s incredible set alongside words from United Welfare Trust founder Shailendra Singh and Anna Agency CEO Anna Knaup, the aftermovie is the perfect way to remember this landmark achievement, beautifully summarising the night with a series of incredible aerial shots, crowd testimonies and the numerous moments of spectacle.
Available to watch now, the aftermovie is a true celebration of life and demonstrates the power with which music can play in uniting people together all for one cause. Viewers of the footage get a chance to watch Hardwell and team as they visit the slums of Mumbai; getting a chance to meet with the children whose lives the project will provide better lives for. With all profits from the concert having been donated to the Magic Bus charity project, this humanitarian effort was the first of its kind on this scale from a DJ within the electronic music industry.
With over 125,000 fans registering for the opportunity to attend this historic event and to be a part of creating a brighter future for thousands of children, the concert billed as the ‘World’s Biggest Guest List’ sparked a revolution in live entertainment in India, as over 10 million fans tuned in via the Hotstar livestream from nearly 75 countries around the globe – all showing support for what was a pivotal moment in contemporary dance music. The underlining impact of this large-scale show was also highlighted by the Indian national press as a ‘great source of pride for the country’ and further captured the minds of many millions to detail a very important and crucial subject matter.
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