A Day At The Park cleans up Vondelpark Amsterdam

A day at the park 2015 cover

A Day at the Park and De Helden van Nu organize “Cleanup het Vondelpark” 

Now spring is manifestating itself all the cityparks are working like a magnet on the inhabitants of Amsterdam. Less nice is the way that some park-visitors behave themselves there. In the recent weeks there were many stories on the news about the mess in particularly ”het Vondelpark”. This annoyed 2 organizations who decided to set up a clean-up. This thursday they want to raise awareness that the visitors of Vondelpark should clean up their own mess with a big clean-up starting at 15:00 till it will be dark.

The cooperation happened by coincidence. The festival A Day at the Park announced their initiative last week on Facebook and the foundation Helden van Nu had the same idea and contacted the festival. A common goal was clear so today they will be working together in Vondelpark. About 100 volunteers with sticks, garbage bags and a speech for those who don’t clean up their mess will make sure that the park looks good for at least one night. If you feel like joining in you’re welcome! Volunteers can go to the entrance of the Vondelpark & the organizations will provide them with tools to clean up the park.

It’s clear that the clean-up also has a symbolic character however that doesn’t make it less nescessary. The antisocial behavior has to be stopped and there’s not only a task for the community being the park owner but also for the ‘regular’ civilian that leaves this mess and doesn’t clean it up. Let’s hope a good example will be followed!

The clean-up is actively being supported by the ”Vrienden van het Vondelpark” and ”Stadsdeel Zuid”. They support the action and hope more companies, schools and volunteers will apply to help clean-up the Vondelpark in the coming weeks.

About the organizers:

A Day at the Park exists for 8 years already and is a yearly festival at the Amsterdamse Bos where music, theatre and nice foods and drinks are the focus. Next edition is planned at the 11th July. www.adayatthepark.nl

Helden van Nu is a foundation that mostly helps out young people and works to raise awareness for the environment. With clean-ups on different events young people voluntarely get encouraged to take their responsibility. Facebook.com/deheldenvannu