CRAFT Festival 2015 Amsterdam

CRAFT 2015

CRAFT Festival 2015 is going to take place at the 25th of July 2015 at the NDSM werf in Amsterdam from 12:00 till 23:00. You might very well already be familiar with this festival since the edition last year was visited by thousands of people. For this year’s edition the organization Lose Your Mind made a couple of changes in the stages which results in 5 hardstyle areas:

#1 – Penoze. The concept because of which Lose Your Mind has a lot of brand awareness is going to be the mainstage of the festival. The kings of the underground of hardstyle can be expected on a bigger stage, the best visuals and lights and the best quality sound you can get at the NDSM werf.

#2 – De Tijdmachine (Timemachine). Experience a day between 2004 and 2011, visitors of past editions know this guarantees many memories, moments of euphoria and the chance to see DJ’s playing that thrived during this period.

#3 – Reckless. If you love raw hardstyle this stage is the place to be. This stage is gonna get a look, feel & programming in which sound will be accelerated the best. Raw and industrial are the key-words.

#4 – Access. New area on the festival which is filled with accessible hardstyle sounds. Here you can find the euphoric sounds, but also acts that are known for their unique view on producing and DJ’ing.
#5 – Future. Also at this edition Lose Your Mind will be looking for ‘’unpolished pearls’’ of which the organization expects a lot in 2016. Additionally there’s a 3 hour timeslot reserved for a DJ contest, about that more information will follow soon.
Sounds good right? Ticket-sale has already started. Tickets can be bought at for 29,50 euros.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on further announcements and as soon as the lineups of the areas will be known they will be posted here.

Reporter: Alexander Bouten