De Tijdmachine Weekender with Bioweapon

tijdmachine 26 en 27 dec

This weekend it’s time for some 2004 – 2010 hardstyle at the NDSM Werf in Amsterdam. This event is organized by the young organization Lose Your Mind. This is the line-up:

Friday 26th December 2014 (22:00 – 7:00)

▪ Bioweapon
▪ D-Block & S-te-fan
▪ Crypsis
▪ Alpha²
▪ Josh & Wesz
▪ Davide Sonar
▪ Ryfle & Distractor
▪ Lip DJ
▪ MC Shizzler

Saturday 27th December 2014 (22:00 – 7:00)

▪ Bioweapon
▪ Noisecontrollers
▪ Technoboy
▪ Zany
▪ Tatanka
▪ Digital Punk
▪ Luna
▪ Ryfle & Distractor
▪ Lip DJ
▪ MC DV8

Looking at the line-up the name that obviously stands out most is ”Bioweapon”. If you’re relatively new to following hardstyle you probably never heard of it but it’s the old collaboration between ”Audiofreq” aka Sam Gonzalez and ”Code Black” aka Corey Soljan. It’s really awesome that Lose Your Mind managed to get them back together for this special event. We can definitely expect bangers like ”Bass power” and ”Cosmic destination” from this duo.

Personally aditionally a name that stands out is the one of ”Davide Sonar”. Davide Sonar might be for most people famous because of his excellent set at Qlimax 2009 (, but in fact he has many different tracks with usually a unique melody, definitely considering it was only 2009. His track ”Natural” still is a very special one!

Well I’ve already mentioned Bioweapon but another legendary duo is definitely TnT (Technoboy and Tuneboy). I can remember the time that they were producing under many cool aliases. My personal favorites being ”the KGBs” and ”Dark Oscillators”. Possibly their most classic is made under the alias ”2 best enemies” and is called ”Phases”.

I can basically go on and on about how amazing this line-up is and I’m sure you agree it’s a very cool event!


Tickets can be bought at for 19,50 per day or a special price if you want a weekender. Mind you, be quick!

tijdmachine tickets

We will be present on Friday the 26th with one reporter and we’ll publish a review in January.

Reporter: Alexander Bouten