Event-organization Event Warehouse, known for Paaspop, WISH Outdoor and WE ARE ELECTRIC, has been rather busy during the Corona period. Firstly, they became the new owners of the internationally acclaimed festival ‘Solar Weekend’ and in addition to that, they took majority shares in Extrema Outdoor Belgium. The board of Event Warehouse just confirmed this. Event Warehouse is responsible for over 120 events on a yearly basis and adds 2 big brands to that with the acquisition of Extrema Outdoor Belgium and Solar Weekend.

Joop Soree, CEO of Event Warehouse: ”Since we’re loyal visitors of Extrema Outdoor Belgium and Solar, we’re very proud to add these 2 cool festivals and brands to our portfolio. The two events match perfectly with our own vision and mission and fit well in our event calendar too. We’re looking forward to a strong collaboration with Ugur Akkas, co-owner of Extrema Outdoor Belgium. It’s gonna turn out great!”

Peter Sanders, also CEO of Event Warehouse: ”We kick off the festival season with Paaspop during Easter and will proceed now with Extrema Outdoor Belgium, WISH Outdoor, Solar Weekend and Jungle Festival. That’s fantastic; we can’t wait to get to work. Both festivals got a lot of talent, knowledge and drive to perform well. We’re excited to welcome the Extrema/Solar team to our family and a successful long-lasting relationship.”

Bas Baetsen (managing director of Solar Weekend and Extrema Outdoor Belgium) en Ugur Akkus (co-owner of Extrema Outdoor België) totally agree: “We and our team are super happy to start this new collaboration in these insecure times for the event industry. We embrace sharing knowledge, experience, ideas and workflow energy, which we’re keen to translate to new ideas and organization-structures. Thanks to this collaboration we’ll have plenty of new growth opportunities and we can start focusing on improving the customer experience of our brands and events.”

Solar Weekend was supposed to take place this year on 29, 30 and 31 July and 1st August in Roermond, but due to the new Covid-measures that were announced last Friday, the organization was forced to cancel the event.