Salto Sounds at Club NYX during Amsterdam Dance Event

Gregor Salto & Friends featuring amongst others Todd Terry and Boddhi Satva


On Saturday 22nd October the first edition of Salto Sounds will take place at Club NYX. This special night is all about Gregor Salto & Friends. Featuring known artists from the house-scene like Todd Terry, Boddhi Satva, Roog, Shermanology, Leroy Styles, The G-Team, and obviously Gregor himself, this night promises to be the most swinging night of this years edition of Amsterdam Dance Event.

Salto Sound originates from the Gregor Salto’s weekly radioshow. The DJ and producer, who has been dominating the club-scene for years with his unique sound with a mix of tropical, latin and soul-grooves and a solid foundation of house, creates the podcast Salto Sounds every week. In this podcast he showcases his favorite music. Over 100.000 worldwide listeners from amongst other countries; Netherlands, USA, France, England & Germany tune in to his podcast on a weekly basis.

During Amsterdam Dance Event Salto Sounds comes to life. At Club NYX Gregor will be spinning together with many other DJ’s: ‘It’s the night to really go loose and with this line-up I’m delivering THE house-night of Amsterdam Dance Event’ explains Gregor. Tickets for this event are for sale starting today through his website.



Salto Sounds

22nd October 2016 / 23.00H – 08.00H

Club NYX, Reguliersdwarsstraat – Amsterdam


Room 1: Gregor Salto, Todd Terry, Boddhi Satva, Roog, Shermanology, Leroy Styles, The G-Team.

Hosted by Miss Bunty. Cleyton Barros on percussion.

Room 2: Mr. Polska, Marbo, Abel de Jong, Rocky Wellstack, The Boy Next Door. Hosted by Bad Manor.

Toiletterette: Washington Bullets and Kwint Downpitch


Tickets: 15 euro via