Seven Worlds, One Planet!

Seven Worlds, One Planet

Spectacular footage of new BBC nature documentary with the philharmonic orchestra in Rotterdam Ahoy!

The brand-new BBC1 nature documentary ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’, will be coming over with spectacular footage and a live orchestra to the Netherlands. In this live show, the highlights of the documentary will be shown on a huge LED-screen, guided by the famous City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. The orchestra, spearheaded by Matthew Freeman, will be bringing the music of famous composer Hans Zimmer to life. On the 28th May 2020, ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ will take place on the 28th May 2020 at Ahoy, Rotterdam

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The nature documentaries of the BBC are known for wow’ing generations and offering them a unique insight of the world around them. With beautiful footage, the shows manage to portray the wonders of our earth for viewers all around the world and inspire to reflect on the state and future of the planet. Seven Worlds, One Planet is no exception to that.

Live in Concert

During the show the audience will explore all seven parts of the world, each with a unique history – from the colorful paradise of South-America and the endless plains of Asia, to the ice-worlds of Antarctica and the burning heat of Africa. Spectacular landscapes, a fascinating animal kingdom and unexpected tales, Seven Worlds, One Planet is all about the diversity of life and celebrating the shapes and colors of the various continents. However, the documentary also highlights the huge challenges of today and the future for animals in a world that’s being dominated by humans. The unique journey is meant to open the eyes of the audience for a world which they thought they were already familiar with, but in reality, entails so much more than our imagination. Chris Zegers will be hosting the live-concert.

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Seven Worlds, One Planet – Live in Concert
Thursday 28 May 2020
Rotterdam Ahoy, Rotterdam 

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