UDC has faith in the festival summer of 2021

UDC Events, the organization of Dance Valley and Dutch Valley Festival, doesn’t let the current situation in which big events are forbidden bring them down. In fact, they’re rather hopeful about the future while the developments regarding vaccines and quick-tests are progressing faster than ever. Even though nobody can be certain about the way the festival-summer of 2021 will look like, UDC wants to offer its visitors the opportunity to reserve a ticket for Dance Valley and Dutch Valley Festival for free.

‘We notice on social-media that our fans are really looking forward to party again’ responded a UDC spokesperson. ‘We’re not turning a blind eye to the reality though and at this point, events are out of the question, but the world can be much different in 9 months’ time. We definitely don’t believe you can already cancel the festival-summer of 2021. Due to our extensive experience and capable partners, we will be able to put together a great Dance Valley way quicker than usual. The reason for this is that we can continue where we left off in 2020, which makes a huge difference preparation-wise.’ That’s why UDC is hopeful about the future. ‘Because we believe in the festival-summer of 2021, we want to offer our visitors something to look forward to. They can make a reservation for their tickets for 2021 for free. We assume that when events will be allowed again, everybody will be happy to grab a ticket and party again’.

You can make a reservation now!

For Dance Valley: www.dancevalley.com

For Dutch Valley Festival: www.dutchvalleyfestival.nl