A chat with Syn Cole!

Syn Cole

Syn Cole, a DJ/Producer hailing from Estonia, is a part of the music industry for years already. He experienced a classical piano education, which makes his melodies stand out from the crowd. You might know him from releases at NCS, remixes for A-list artists such as Martin Garrix, Avicii, Alan Walker or Coldplay. Even during the pandemic, he’s working hard on releasing new music, so we decided to catch up with him.

Hi Rene, thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

No problem!

Since you’ve had a classic piano education, before becoming a DJ/producer, does that come with a big advantage when producing new tracks? Do you always start with the creation of the melody and build everything else around it?

Yes, I feel that the classic piano education helps me a lot with the melodies and chord progressions. I always usually start with the melody and create the rest of the track based on that.

Many people will know that you’ve released about 5 years ago at the label NCS (No Copyright Sounds), is that something you can recommend to upcoming producers, that your music can be relatively freely used by content-creators, does it actually help streams/visibility a lot?

I started out on Avicii’s label back in 2013, which was my very first single “April”. Then “Miami 82” and many others next. I can definitely recommend NCS – their network has a big exposure amongst the creators and it really helps to boost the release on a global scale.

How are you dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic? What’s the current situation like in your country? Do you still feel inspired, as many artists get inspiration from performing and shows are hardly possible these days?

I’ve been mostly spending my time in studio, often doing small trips outside the town as well. I’ve been lucky so far that I and none of my close ones have been infected. The current situation in Estonia is not good – the second wave is in full force and the daily infection rate is growing again.

What would you consider to be the biggest highlight of your career so far?

I think my songs “Feel Good” and “Miami 82” could be considered as the highlights so far, also my remixes for Avicii, Coldplay and many more!

Stream the big hit ‘Feel Good’ by Syn Cole now!

How do you manage/try to stay connected to your audience in these times? Livestreams/Q&A’s? What type of content are you using mostly while seeing them at an event is impossible?

I try to keep them updated as much as possible on my social media – the upcoming releases etc. I also sometimes post snippet clips of the work-in-progress.

You’ve already played at EDC/Tomorrowland, you’ve remixed Martin Garrix/Coldplay, what’s still part of your bucket list?

Collaborating with a big pop act is definitely on my bucket list 🙂

How do you deal with periods when you don’t have a lot of inspiration? What works for you to trigger new ideas?

I really enjoy driving to the countryside and listening to the latest music on Spotify at the same time. This really helps a lot with the inspiration. I also often listen to some of my favorite old albums

How many people are part of ‘Team Syn Cole’ and what is their job as a part of your team?

4 people are involved daily – myself, 2 on the management side and 1 booking agent

What’s the first thing that you will be doing once the pandemic is over?

I would definitely like to take a nice vacation off to an exotic country for a few weeks 🙂

Thanks a lot for your time Rene!

Thanks for having me!

Listen to Syn Cole’s latest release!

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