Arman Aydin is as international as it gets. We are a reliable source for people from all over the world, so why not cross boundaries and take a peek in the music-scene outside the Netherlands and Belgium. That’s exactly what we did with Turkish DJ and producer Arman Aydin. Check it out!


Alright Arman, thanks for making the time to have a chat with us! Could you quickly introduce yourself please?

No problem! It’s a pleasure! My name is Arman Aydin, I’ve been involved in music since about 2002. First I’ve started with Trance and now I’m making House music. I’m studying American Studies and I’m working on getting my master degree now.


Alright, thanks! Let’s discuss your path in the world of music, we know you got started with producing Trance, how did that come about?

Sure! Well probably it all started because of FIFA 2002, I enjoyed the music which was Trance even more than the game itself. I was able to see the Dutch channel TMF and really loved the music from guys like Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto & Armin van Buuren. In 2010 I really started producing with, like many people, FL Studio better known as Fruity Loops. When I was 12 years-old I e-mailed Tiësto and he was quite positive about me.


Wow! That must have been a massive motivation for you! You’ve had some big Trance releases now very long after that right?

Yes, I sent ‘Shiga’ as a demo to Armada & they loved it. Armin played it instantly in his radio-show and later it was featured in Armin’s ASOT warm-up set from ASOT 650 New Horizons. I’ve been supported by Tiësto, Armin and later by guys like Marcus Schossow, Blasterjaxx and Yves V, it still feels very surreal. About 2 years ago I did another Trance collab with Alexandre Bergeau which got support from Markus Schulz & Giuseppe Ottaviani and finally I did a follow-up for Shiga called ‘Miura’ which got instant support from Armin himself.


That’s one hell of an impressive support-list! For the people who aren’t familiar which your trance tunes, how would you describe the style of them?

Sure! It’s basically still the same vision that I have nowadays. My style is euphoric, uplifting and very melodic. The melody is something that’s very important for me in a track. When I start with a new track I always start with the melody too. I have a little voice-recorder so that I can record an idea whenever I feel inspired. More recently I’ve been able to release at Code Red, which is a really cool label! I did a collaboration with Zane Fisher called ‘The Light’ and I think that turned out great. There might be some new music of mine coming up on Code Red soon!


That’s good to hear! The melody is indeed quite important in a tune. Let’s discuss the music-scene in Turkey for a bit. Which guys are ones to watch that most likely many people haven’t heard from yet?

That’s difficult man, there’s quite a lot of talent out there in Turkey! Okay firstly one of my good friends, Faruk Sabanci, you may know him because of his own label called ‘Metanoia Music’. He’s a really great guy and I think he’s really doing a lot for our scene here. Secondly another friend of mine which is Arem Ozguc. I think many people don’t know his name but he has already released on Hardwell’s label Revealed Recordings and Dim Mak from Steve Aoki. Finally to name also a talent in another genre, Mahmut Orhan is a Turkish Deep-House producer and I like his style a lot!


We’ll be sure to check these guys out! We already knew Faruk but we will look into the other 2 guys you’ve mentioned and we recommend our readers to do the same! To continue about the Turkish scene, what are the events like? It is comparable to the Netherlands or Belgium?

No, well things are still in development which is a shame but I’m glad that there’s a company working hard on it. An organization called ‘One Colony’ has been involved in getting a Top 100 DJs tour here, Life In Color and also Sensation and the Armin & Hardwell tours. The Turkish crowd is actually open to almost everything so that shouldn’t hold things back. In conclusion it’s just still evolving.


We’re glad to hear things are improving anyway! Alright, final question, which things are you most looking forward to this year in terms of releases or gigs?

I can easily say that this is going to be a very busy summer for me. I’m playing at Life In Color Festival in Istanbul, along with 20 massive artists on August 6th. Release-wise, I got a very special track coming up on July which will shortly be announced on my social media accounts! Last but not least, I’m doing my Metanoia Music debut in the near future.


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Thanks very much for your time & we’ll stay in touch with you for sure!

Thanks for the interview!



Interviewer: Alexander Bouten