Girls Love DJs

On the 18th October Amsterdam Dance Event kicked off so we were obviously present during the press-days which always take place. At the beautiful Amsterdam Toren we were given the opportunity to interview ‘Girls Love DJs’ aka Rob Black who has over 10 years of experience in the music scene as a DJ. Since a couple of years he’s releasing music as well. We discussed ADE, upcoming music & more!

 Hi Rob, thanks for the opportunity to talk to you!

No problem!

So, ADE has kicked off today, how many times have you visited ADE actually?

Many times! I think it’s my 7th year to be performing during ADE and in 2007 it was my first time at ADE as a visitor.

Cool, so what’s ADE all about for you in 3 words?

Music, Business & Party!

Sounds like a good description. Just for some of our readers, who aren’t very familiar with you, how would you describe your sound?

Eclectic, dance-able & female-friendly.

Girls Love DJs started out as an event-concept like 10 years ago, you were playing tracks from other artists back then. However, in 2015 you started producing your own tracks & releasing them.

Well actually I was already producing music before that, but indeed in 2015 I got my first release ‘Easy’ on the Cloud 9 imprint. It was quite a logical step for me to basically increase my visibility as well as my artist profile. Easy racked up 1,3 million plays, so I’m excited to release more soon!

Nice, so what’s your next release, is there anything you can reveal?

Yes I can! On the 1st December I’ll be dropping my new track ‘Gone’ featuring UK vocalist Reason. The track is something different than people are used to with a lot of synth-wave and pop-vocals. It will be released on Source (Spinnin’ Records’ pop sub-label).

Alright, here at ADE there are loads of young DJ’s/producers that are looking for their lucky break. What’s your advice for them?

I have a couple of tips for them. Firstly, it’s crucial to be yourself, don’t act like a person you’re not. Secondly, make sure you come prepared. You must know exactly who you’d like to speak and what you’d like to ask or discuss.

Now that’s some great advice! It’s already October so 2018 is getting closer. The popularity of genres comes and goes, however we’re curious what will be ‘The sound of 2018’ according to you.

Pfew, that’s difficult to predict. But I personally hope that it’ll be the year of disco and drum & bass.

Okay, final question: imagine that we’re sitting here again at the Amsterdam Toren and 1 year has passed. What do you want to have accomplished?

Obviously, I’d like to release a lot more music. I would like to do some hostings at events with my Girls Love DJs concept. I’d love to do a collab with Calvin Harris once, because I really love his music. One can always dream, right?

That’s very true, thanks for your time & good luck!



Reporter: Alexander Bouten