There are so many people in the music business, some are great DJ’s, producers, MC’s or vocalists. But you also have multi-talents like Harrison. He calls himself a hybrid. You may know him as a vocalist or have seen him live DJ’ing but he manages to combine both! As he’s also still rather young we were honoured to catch up with him and ask him about his inspirations, summerplans & more! Check it out below!


You’ve been in the business for quite some time & got the chance to collaborate with many big artists. We’re wondering what or who inspired you to become both a DJ & a vocalist? What did you start with first?

I got inspired with the DJ’ing from Chuckie – and Judge Jules actually helped me with some basic DJing – but this was after singing had become my identity with ‘Aint a Party’ and now I am considered a ‘hybrid’ as I sing, DJ, song-write and produce.


Could you describe how you got to this point in your career to have a #1 Beatport hit as a vocalist on ‘Mayday’? 

It has been an amazing road with ‘Mayday’ and for it to hit #1 on Beatport, Dannic, Lucky Date and I are all very pleased with the outcome. I think that there was a lot of hype before the track was to come out with teasers and such, that it created this huge demand.


Which artists have supported you from the very beginning?



How cool, you’ve been supported by the no. 1 DJ in the world from the start! We can imagine that the road to success is a bumpy road, also for you. Is there a tip that you have for upcoming DJ’s & vocalists?

Just keep at it simple and don’t feel pressured to jump into any contracts or deals that you do not feel comfortable with. The main thing is to keep at it and never lose faith.


Obviously having a Beatport #1 is a big highlight in your career. Could you mention some other highlights in your career as both a DJ and a vocalist.

I’ve been so fortunate that I’ve actually had 4 Beatport top 10s this year and iTunes number 1s with some releases in other countries also 🙂


Definitely collaborating with Dannic, HIIO etc. must be really cool, but with which other vocalists/DJs would you absolutely love to make a track in the future?

Avicii, Kygo or Calvin Harris.


We can imagine that! Those are big names & would become very interesting tracks! Talking about tracks in the future, do you have any collabs/solo tracks coming up soon?

The Wave with Vinai x Harrison which is out July 20th on Spinnin’ Records. PREVIEW: https:/spinninrecords/vinai-the-wave-feat-harrison-available-july-20?in=harrison-official/sets/vinai-the-wave-feat-harrison 


We know that right now you’re doing a mini-tour in China, could you describe if you feel there are differences between that crowd & the crowd you come across in Europe?

China is very table based, whereas Europe is very festival-style clubs with lots of dance floor space and social in a different way.


We see, well any crowd loves good music, that’s for sure! What will be your plans for this summer, where will people be able to see you perform live?

Check out my events on Facebook 🙂 facebook.com/harrisonmusicofficial


Thanks for this interview! We hope to catch up with you later this year again to review your summer.

Thank you for your time!


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Interviewer: Alexander Bouten