Interview Brooks

We got the opportunity to chat with the massively talented Dutch DJ/Producer Brooks at the STMPD Labelnight during ADE 2018! Check it out below!

Hi Brooks, thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

No problem!

Alright you’ve had a pretty successful year, which performance stands out the most for you?

Difficult one, but I just got to say Tomorrowland. It’s a little boy’s dream coming true to play there when you’re in the music-business as a DJ and producer. It has been a big goal for me to play there for sure.

Of course, we can imagine that felt like a big accomplishment for you.

Yeah, I mean, playing at Martijn (Martin Garrix)’s stage at a very nice set-time was clearly my biggest milestone of this summer.

Understandable! What was the experience at Tomorrowland like? Did you feel like, now I’m a part of the big names withinthe industry?

It’s very much like a family reunion, because you know, you’ve met some of them already on tour or at an event in the Netherlands. In that way it’s very much like how ADE feels for me.

Sounds nice! How was the rest of your summer, besides filled with a lot of music & bookings?

Yeah super busy, I must say I underestimated it quite a bit. I’ve had less studio-time, than I would have wanted so I’m now spending a lot of time in the studio instead of doing a lot of shows. Either way, it has been incredible to do 4-5 shows on a weekly basis, loads of flights, but that’s part of the deal of course, and just being able to see the world and come across so many people that know your name and your music.

So, the only downside is the amount of time that you spend travelling and the flights?

Yes, but on the other hand, you get so much in return. I could moan about having to fly for 13 hours to get to Asia, but when I do a show in Tokyo where people made flags especially for you and sing along to the lyrics of all your tracks that’s super worth it!

Avicii’s dead made a big impact throughout the music business, how did that affect you personally? Was it a wake-up call?

Yes, I mean, it was definitely heavy for me, as I already said I underestimated touring a lot in the past months. I’ve had a couple of moments at which I was thinking what am I doing with my life right now. I literally had to check my mail to see where I had to check in & fly to, which hotel etc. From Russia to Croatia to a new country, and when the news about Avicii broke it hit me pretty hard, even though I have never met him. It made me realize that I had to slow down a bit, so I discussed with my management that a schedule like 10 shows in 10 days was just too much.

We totally get that, with 10 shows in 10 days what kind of life do you have besides the shows?

Exactly! I also really need my time to hit the studio and to chill with my friends, bring friends to shows, that kind of stuff. Management understood where I was comingfrom and we made some changes to my schedule. So, Avicii’s passing definitelyhelped me in realizing that I had to slow down.

Alright, let’s talk about your collab with Martin Garrix & David Guetta, ‘’Like I Do’’, awesome tune! How did it come about?

Well, David Guetta had the vocal for a while and he had tried to work on a track surrounding it with other DJ’s but he wasn’t satisfied with the result so far. He sent the vocal to Martijn (Martin Garrix) and Martin sent to through to me with the idea to work on it together. In a hotel-room in Abu Dhabi we listened together to the first concept of the track and we loved it. After a lot of face-timing, e-mailing and working on the track with Martin and Guetta ‘’Like I Do’’ was born.

Nice story! ADE is pretty chill for you today, since it’s the opening day, but what does the rest of the week look like for you?

Yeah, today is quite relaxed, the upcoming days are a lot busier. Loads of interviews, radioshows and many performances. Today’s the only day I’m playing only one set together with my friend Julian Jordan. As I already commented, ADE is that time of the year when everybody comes together, so it’s busy but not very heavy for me. It’s actually such a long time ago I did an interview in Dutch, so that’s awesome!

Haha, oh well we’ll translate it to English later to make sure our complete audience can read it. Let’s look ahead to ADE 2019 for a bit, which plans do you have for that?

I think I’ll be hosting my own night then! This year we had already confirmed a lot of shows and at ADE it’s super difficult to obtain your own venue and most of the guys I wanted to have at my own night already had their own event or a lot of confirmed shows. So for ADE 2019 I’m aiming to put together a cool own night which includes a great line-up!

Your own night sounds cool, curious about the line-up you’ll put together. Final question; have you got any juicy news about upcoming tunes or collabs?

Oh yes! I’m working a lot with Mesto, KSHMR and David Guetta in the studio, so obviously new music is on its way. I’m actually aiming to release a new track every month in the upcoming period and 2019.

Cool, we can’t wait to hear your new tracks! Thanks a lot for your time!

No problem!


Interviewer: Edgar Buyten

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