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We catched up with House duo Lucas & Steve during Amsterdam Dance Event! Lucas and Steve have been releasing a string of cool remixes lately so we wanted to know what’s next for them. Check out the interview below!

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Hi guys, first of all belated happy birthday to Steve (Steven)! Is this your first time at ADE guys?

Steve: Thanks! You’ve done your homework haha.

Lucas: It’s our 3rd time visiting Amsterdam Dance Event, but of course the first 2 times were just partying. Things have gone really fast for us, Saturday we’re playing 6 shows!


Alright, so how would you guys describe Amsterdam Dance Event in 3 words?

Meeting people, hearing new music and also showcasing your upcoming tunes. We will be playing some of our new tracks at the events we’re playing during Amsterdam Dance Event!


That’s clear. So you already mentioned that things have gone really fast for you guys. What’s your best moment of 2015 so far?

That’s very hard to say but Sziget was amazing! We were again warming up for Alesso and it’s really cool to know him.

Steve: I went to Budapest a couple of times for holidays and now we suddenly were going there to play, that’s awesome!

Lucas: Yeah, next to that Creamfields was a big highlight, basically everything abroad but special was our India tour.

Steve: We had no idea what to expect in India but we played 3 crazy shows there, the crowd is absolutely intense there!


Sounds like a great year so far guys! So, what’s your favorite track at the moment?

We love Joe Stone ft. Daser’s tune ‘Freak’ and also Tiesto & Don Diablo’s collaboration ‘Chemicals’.

It might be cool to tell that we made a remix of a maroon 5 tune that probably will never be released. That tune is also usually in our sets and goes off everytime.


Nice, we can imagine that artists have a busy life, what do you do to relax between studiotime & gigs?

Well we both work out but that’s not to relax, we just like that. Preferably we are touring or are sitting in the studio from 10 am. Working together is inspiring for us and that’s maybe our way to relax.


Alright we guess we can say music is just your lifestyle. You’ve been releasing some cool tunes lately but could you tell something about what’s coming up?

Well unfortunately we can’t say that much. We’ve done a remix for a huge Deep-House artist that will be released by the end of this year. Additionally 2 collabs are being planned for release.


Alright we understand that. Curious about the upcoming music guys! Thanks very much for this interview & all the best!

No problem! Thanks!


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Interviewer: Alexander Bouten