Sound Rush

Saturday 1st August we visited Dance Boulevard at Bergen op Zoom. The local Festival attracts about 4500 visitors & consists of 4 areas amongst which a Hardstyle stage. Shortly after their set we managed to catch up with twin-duo Sound Rush, specialized in euphoric Hardstyle. Check out the interview below!


First of all, thanks for making this possible! How are you guys doing?

No problem! We’re doing fine!

Alright, you’ve just played for 1 hour here at Dance Boulevard. Did you have fun & did you already know this Festival?

Sure! We’ve played here before in 2013 and came here as visitors multiple times in the past. We live in West-Brabant so the Festival terrain is really close to our home. It’s a local Festival and we like the atmosphere.

Cool, so for some time now you’ve been out there in the Hardstyle scene, we were wondering, where did your love for the Harder styles really start?

We’re really out there for a little more than 1 year we would say. In our ‘Jump style period’ in 2009 we discovered Hardstyle. We loved seeing guys like Wildstylez, Brennan Heart, DBSTF and Villain perform on stage. At that point we started watching tutorials on YouTube to learn how to produce and we must say that in our local area there weren’t many producers. In 2010 we were on winter-holiday and gave a cd with our latest tune to Mental Theo, obviously hoping that he would play it. He did and since then we’ve been working in the studio till about 2012. Q-Dance asked us to send some demo’s which was obviously an honor and after Euphoria in 2014 things went really fast. We’ve played at the main-stage of Defqon & Decibel which was amazing! Main-stage of Qbase, The Qontinent and Mysteryland are coming this summer.

Amazing, thanks for that story! Well, it’s known that Brennan Heart quickly saw your potential and you’ve just mentioned Mental Theo, which other artists have supported you on the road to where you are right now?

Wildstylez has really supported us, Villain also with his Xxlerator podcast and also Max Enforcer has often played out our tunes. Brennan Heart as you say is definitely very important to us.

Great. Hardstyle has different sub-genres these days, why did you choose to make euphoric Hardstyle?

Basically we fell in love with euphoric Hardstyle instantly when we discovered Hardstyle. We’re not attracted to Raw Hardstyle or Hardcore. The choice is purely based on our feelings.

Clear answer. There aren’t that many twins working as a duo in the music scene. How do you work together? Is one of you the better producer and the other the better DJ?

Good question! We’re living with our parents and working at the family-business Mondays & Tuesdays and Wednesday till Saturday we’re in the studio. The fact that we live together is really practical for our cooperation. You can’t really say who’s better in which part because we’re teaching each other. Jeroen started by checking out YouTube tutorials on how to produce and Martijn started with DJ’ing. Very simply said when we’re in the studio there’s only 1 person who can hold the mouse. 1 person is basically writing the story but we’re creating the story together.

We understand! How does it work when you’re behind the decks? Do you always agree what should be the next track?

We’re very like-minded. Both when producing and when DJ’ing we agree quickly in 95% of all cases.

That’s practical. Alright, when we have a look at your releases it is striking that besides own productions you’ve also made a Hardstyle edit of some EDM tracks, some are an official remix. Is that something you guys want to be doing more often?

If we spot a track that we’d love to remix or make an edit of we will do it. What we’re trying to say is that we produce what we like! As for the edits of EDM tracks that was something we mostly did in the beginning. Now we’re focusing more on our own productions. But sure if we would hear a cool track on Youtube again like happened with Laidback Luke & Marc Benjamin’s ‘We’re forever’ we may definitely check if we can make an official remix or an edit.

Awesome point of view to produce what you like! To move on to the present, your most recent track ‘If it’s silent’ was released by Q-dance. Many of your tracks got intriguing lyrics. Is there like a story behind one of your tracks?

No there’s no story behind it but the beauty of euphoric tracks is that you can interpret them in the way that you want. As we’ve explained we focus on what we think is beautiful music.

That’s true; anyone can have a different association with a track. Besides your most recent release we assume you’ve got more releases planned. Could you say something about that?

Sure, as you know we have released ‘Frozen’ on Wildstylez’s Lose Cntrl Music. There’s a new release planned on that label. We played that track for the first time at Defqon. 1 this year. The track is really special to us that’s why we waited quite long with premiering it. The track is being referred to as ‘ID2’ but we can say it’s called ‘I can’t stay’. Next to that we’re working on a remix for Brennan Heart.

Awesome news guys; looking forward to those new tracks. Let’s jump from tracks to events. What has been the most memorable event for you so far?

Both Defqon.1 and Decibel have been really special to us. For both events we had a long preparation and of course playing on such events is amazing.

That’s not hard to imagine. Of course besides Dance Boulevard you’ve got many more gigs planned this summer. Which one are you most looking forward to?

That’s not hard: Decibel! We’ll be having a great set-time on the EUPHORIA-Stage  so that’s really exciting!

Alright guys thank you so much for this interview & we wish you all the best for the future!

No problem! Thanks!

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Interviewer: Alexander Bouten