True Survivorz

There are quite a lot of events in the Netherlands which support a good cause so every once in a while, we highlight them through our social-media channels. True Survivorz is one of those concepts, running for four years now, which is created by Faye van de Kerkhof with the purpose to support KWF (Dutch Cancer Society). We decided to sit down with her & discuss the concept and her plans for the future.


Hi Faye, thanks for taking the time to do this interview!

No problem!

Alright, so in 2017 it will be the fourth edition of True Survivorz right?

Correct! It will be taking place at Club Rodenburg in Beesd for the third time.

So just to give everybody a look behind the concept, you’ve started this & recently it became a foundation. How did you initially come up with the idea to do an event for KWF & what were your expectations?

I lost my father to cancer and I knew that I wanted to do something to honor him you know. Actually, the realization of how big it was came during the first edition of True Survivorz. The team had put in 6 months of hard work and the atmosphere was really special. Of course, basically everybody knows someone who has been affected by this terrible disease so it’s very identifiable. People don’t just go to party but also to pay their respects which makes the atmosphere unique.

It’s definitely something special indeed. So, this year you made True Survivorz a foundation, we assume you wanted to take things to the next level. Could you clarify your plans for 2017 a bit? For example, we’ve seen that you chatted with Platinum Agency.

Sure, in 2016 we had 3 area’s in club Rodenburg: a raw area, a freestyle/euphoric area and an early area. For 2017 we’re changing that completely. I went to Platinum Agency as you say with Bram from Club Rodenburg and we explained the concept and fortunately they were already familiar with it. Registering True Survivorz as a foundation has made it more interesting for agencies to get involved because we’re documenting everything that we do and obviously how many funds will go to KWF. I’m really proud to have loads of headliners on the line-up for 2017 & I’m grateful that they stand behind the concept. We’ve invited some newcomers that are currently doing well in the scene too.

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You can say that again, huge names only, it’s promising to be massive! How’s the response of KWF actually about your concept? In which way, do they offer you support for the event?

Well I have a fixed contact at KWF for 4 years now, so that’s nice. On the KWF-website we’ll have a separate donation page and at the event there will be KWF-flags & collecting-boxes. Besides that, KWF helps us raising awareness for the event through a local newspaper.

Sounds great! What’s your vision for the future of this concept? Do you want to keep it intimate or grow bigger?

Good question, well I’d love to do it at a bigger and unique location, however I can’t predict the future of course. But who knows!

You’ve certainly made a name for yourself with this successful concept. You’re still in school now but what’s your personal goal for the future?

After my education finishes it’s my dream to start an event-agency, so basically to start great concepts like True Survivorz.

Alright, we’ll be definitely keeping an eye on you in the future Faye, thanks for this interview!




Interviewer: Alexander Bouten