Album release party – Lucas & Steve ‘Letters to Remember’

For the past 10 years Lucas and Steve worked very hard and now a new the career milestone is here for the Dutch duo: the release of their debut album! They describe it as a journey and each song has a different story. We were invited to the release party of this album. Luckily Lucas & Steve found an original way to celebrate the release of their album ‘Letters To Remember’.

The exclusive drive-in album release party was organized for just dedicated fans, their friends & family and some press, so we were definitely honored to be able to attend. When we arrived at location one of the stewards guides us to our spot. All cars are in straight lines with their headlights pointed to the stage. There are strict rules, we must stay in our car. The first 15 minutes it seemed a bit awkward to experience the music through a radio frequency and instead of clapping your hands or screaming, honking the car horn or blinking the lights of your car, but we must say you get used to it quickly and it’s much better than any livestream.

Joe Stone had the honor to warm-up this crowd. He does a good job. People honk their car horn to the beat of the music and car lights keeps on flashing. Even with everybody inside of their car, there is a good party vibe, which we definitely missed in the recent months.  

After Joe Stone finished his set it’s time for the men of the hour: Lucas & Steve. Finally, we’re going to listen to their entire first album. From the moment they’re behind the decks that signature Lucas & Steve sound blasts through our car speakers. And that signature sound is something you can easily recognize throughout the entire album. True fans will probably already know some of the songs on the album like Letters, which very much makes us think of Avicii’s ‘country’ music period and it may be inspired by, Perfect and Long Way Home. However, there are also a lot of songs we haven’t heard yet, and some of them have a super pleasantly surprising vibe.  One of them is ‘All Cried Out’ together with AlterBoyz, one of our personal favorite songs. It has the sentiment of a Kygo song but still with that signature Lucas & Steve sound. The most surprising collab is the one with Kiesza. If you think that name sounds familiar, six years ago she had a big hit with Hideaway.

Check out their full album on Spotify!

It’s easy to link Lucas & Steve only to parties and festivals. But this album is more than an album with just ‘party’ songs. It’s also a perfect album when you’re at home at a Sunday afternoon and you want to listen to some good music. We bet ‘Glory’ together with Laura White is one of the songs we’ll be having on repeat at our home-offices.

We’ll remember this evening for a long time. It was an old-fashioned DJ show with LED-screen, CO2 and even some fireworks. Even though it’s essentially not how we’re used to party, we definitely had a fun musical evening and enjoyed the Dominos Pizza, which were given out to the attendees.

Congrats Lucas & Steve with the release of your debut album, thanks for the tasty pizza and many thanks for having us at your exclusive listing session! See you next time!