Dancetour Goes 2015

Last Sunday it was time for our second Dancetour visit this year! The location of this edition was Goes and as usual the organization managed to put together a nice line-up. Local heroes Pep & Rash took the stage as well as Yellow Claw, Quintino, Jay Hardway & more! Check out our party report below.

dancetour Goes 2015 photo

We’ve visited Dancetour Goes last year also & the location ‘De grote markt’ was the same this year. A perfect market-square near the city-hall. When we arrived the guys from Redondo were already building up with some cool deep-house vibes.

dancetour Goes 2015 lineup


This duo recently had a collab with Bolier at Spinnin’ Deep called ‘Every single piece’ which is a very relaxing tune. It was the first time we saw them performing live and they showed their ability to warm up the crowd. Most people were relaxing & enjoying the music but in the front some die-hard shufflers were getting down to Redondo’s tunes.


Mister Quintino obviously needs no introduction. He has been releasing a string of great tunes recently and we hoped to hear some of those. Of course he started a bit deeper because of his set-time with tunes like Martin Solveig & GTA’s ‘Intoxicated’. He quickly moved up the tempo with Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano’s ‘Lethal Industry’, ‘Milestone’, ‘Aftermath’ & his latest release ‘Front to the back’. By doing this he gave the crowd exactly what they wanted which was really nice to see.

Pep & Rash

We’ve interviewed this duo recently and they had commented to love performing at their home-base. The reason for that became clear again seeing the guys play with great enthusiasm & a smile on their faces. There was a big sign in the crowd saying ‘Home is where Pep & Rash play music’ and even Pep’s son came on stage for a bit. The guys obviously played their popular tracks: ‘Rumors’ & ‘Fatality’. A cool moment was when they played Botnek’s ‘Animals’ remix, it was a very long time ago we heard that and the crowd responded very well to it.

Yellow Claw

This group can only be respected for putting themselves out there to promote their genre all around the world. Hosting a stage at Tomorrowland with their Barongfamily label the same day they still managed to hype the crowd with their music.  As usual their set contained a lot of genres mixed together but especially trap music. Moksi (an alias of MCDMC and Sam o’Neall) ‘the dopest’ sounded very tight live. When they moved up to a higher level of bpm Coone’s ‘licht uit’ remix got loads of people to jump in the air. Again ‘Till it hurts’ was very much appreciated by the crowd. It’s a pity that when Yellow Claw play always mosh-pits are formed that sometimes can hurt people that aren’t even involved in the moshpit. Their set was nice though.


Kill The Buzz

Yes after Yellow Claw another Tomorrowland artist took over the decks: Kill The Buzz, who had played at the Revealed Recordings stage! We believe that he is still very underrated and that was confirmed again by checking out his set at Dancetour. The energy that he put in his set was incredible. Keeping cool tribal drums going throughout his set there was no dull moment at all. To our big surprise he played a sample of Swedish House Maffia’s ‘One’ which brought back great memories. The set was jam packed with summer bangers like ‘secrets’, ‘bad’ and ‘get loose’. We definitely didn’t see coming that he would play 2 Hardstyle tracks near the end of his set being Wildstylez’s ‘Year of Summer’ and Wildstylez’s remix of ‘Never say goodbye’. Both tracks were absolutely loved by the audience, and also by us!

Jay Hardway

Jay Hardway had the honor to close the party and he did that wonderfully! Using Avicii & Martin Garrix’s ‘Waiting for love’ as one of his first tracks we felt this was going to be really good. Obviously having his own track ‘Bootcamp’ and latest release ‘Wake Up’ included in his set people went crazy. Ummet Ozcan & NERVO’s ‘Revolution’, ‘Mic Check’ and W&W ‘Rave after Rave’ were all included so you can imagine what the atmosphere was like! A cool moment was when Jay asked everybody to put their hands up, he jumped on the DJ booth & used the CO2 gun.


Dancetour had a nice setting & had a nice atmosphere throughout the night. As for the artists performing basically all the sets were enjoyable but the sets of Kill The Buzz & Jay Hardway should be highlighted especially. We concluded instantly that we will be back for more next year and we recommend you to check out a Dancetour event since the entrance is free & they offer big artists.


Reporter: Alexander Bouten