Fasten your seatbelts & buckle up for Daylight Festival 2016!

Fasten your seatbelts & buckle up for Daylight Festival

Daylight 2k16 end.

Daylight Festival, a concept of Focus Events and EYE4DANCE took place last Saturday at International Airport Breda for the 6th time. The festival is pretty unique in the region because of the fact that each stage is designed as a flight destination. Besides that, the location makes it very cool, our first airport festival! Check out what we experienced below!

We decided to catch the earliest shuttle-bus ride possible to Breda International Airport in order to be able to check the whole terrain out in peace before the madness would start. The mainstage themed as flight-destination New York, with obviously the statue of liberty and skyscrapers, looked quite cool. Here Sephyx and Jay Reeve were the first to touch the decks with a very decent euphoric warming-up set and included last years’ anthem by Audiofreq.

Noiseshock from Argentina who’s signed at Scantraxx took over and he amazed us with loads of amazing melodies. We were quite up to date with his productions but seeing someone playing live for the first time is always something special.

Walking across the airport we decided to check out another destination: New Delhi; which was the theme of the Freestyle stage.

New Delhi stage Daylight 2016

As you can see on this picture this has been done well. When we dropped by Genius & DJ Francois were dropping oldschool tunes which the crowd appreciated.

Probably the coolest area, because of its industrial character, was the Raw Hardstyle area in a real airplane-hangar with a stage in the back with the NASA-theme. As you can easily imagine that the sound of the kicks was pounding really hard. Raiden played a nice set including the new Deetox & Delete collab ‘Alone’ and Malua’s ‘Green Stuff’ remix.

NSCLT had made the Daylight Festival 2016 anthem ‘Daylight’ with vocals by GLDY X, so they were an act we had very much looked forward to. The style of NSCLT is quite divers but there’s always a nice melody in there. As usual they dropped their ‘Got It’ remix, ‘Fly With Me’ and of course the anthem. Oh and we did an interview with them, which will be published soon!

As you would expect we had to make some difficult choices since many great acts were placed at the same time-slot. We will however give you some of the highlights.

At the Freestyle stage Ruthless managed to get almost everybody sitting down for the famous ‘Banaan’ track.

The Frequencerz increased the atmosphere level from the very moment they started their first track. They played their Q-Base 2016 anthem and maybe we sound nostalgic but ‘Wolfpack’ remains one hell of a tune, even after having heard it many times.

About time we mentioned the talent-stage (Flight-academy) right? Well we’ve seen 2 absolutely crazy sets there. First of all the guys from STTRBSTN who mix loads of styles and secondly we checked out Sephyx again who delivered a case of straight euphoria. A pity that the area wasn’t really busy. If you attended Daylight & haven’t checked out this area, you missed out big time!

Ran-D premiered a new track especially for Daylight of which the name wasn’t revealed by the MC. At least there weren’t much lyrics but it went off. Something to get excited about for his fans for sure.

The festival ended with 2 B2B’s: Adaro vs Radical Redemption and Titan vs E-Force. Both pretty interesting musical combo’s. ‘Smack Bitches’, ‘For The Street’, ‘Brutal 5.0’, ‘Getting Off’ were all part of it and of course such popular tunes are exactly what the crowd asks for to finish off 11 hours of partying. After fireworks we felt pretty tired but also really satisfied.


Daylight Festival stands out and considering the pretty busy areas we see room for the organization to make it even bigger. We’d love to explore new destinations next year but this sure was a satisfactory experience. We can recommend this festival to anyone who likes something unique and is a big fan of the harder styles!


Reporter: Alexander Bouten