Hardwell presents Revealed 14/10/2015 #ADE15

Yes! Finally October had arrived! We had been looking forward to Amsterdam Dance Event for months. On Wednesday 14th October it was time for the opening night. We decided to check out Hardwell’s labelnight which was organized by ALDA Events and took place at the Heineken Music Hall. Want to read about our experience? Check out the Party Report below!

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We had really looked forward to this event and considering the line-up that makes perfect sense! Lots of members of the Revealed Family would be coming on stage with as definite highlight the B2B session of Hardwell, Dyro and Dannic, something you’ll probably not see again anytime soon.

Arriving at the venue instantly became clear how international the Revealed fans are, loads of flags even from South-America and Australia. That’s what we call dedication! Upon our arrival Joey Dale was already warming up the crowd with progressive house, featuring obviously quite a lot of his own productions such as Arcadia.

When it was Julian Calor’s turn to take over the decks we saw how much was possible with the LED background of the stage & got excited about the intro that Hardwell would have. Julian Calor played loads of recognizable tunes such as his latest Free Download ‘Childhood’ which we think is really cool and Valentino Khan’s ‘Deep Down Low’. Julian Calor’s set has proven to us that he is indeed a massively talented artist which we expect to hear a lot more of in the future.

Kill The Buzz killed it last time we’ve seen him play in Goes and his set at Hardwell presents Revealed was definitely no exception! In our view he played one of the strongest sets of the night with very quick & smooth transitions and some classic tunes like Eric Prydz’s ‘Piano’.

The moment we had been waiting for was there! The intro & live set of the, at that point, number 1 DJ of the world Hardwell! The intro was definitely new and included small sound-bites of his known tracks: ‘Don’t stop the madness’, ‘spaceman’, ‘young again’, ‘lucky ones’ & ‘never say goodbye’. Hardwell’s set can be described as seeing the crowd ‘United as One’ and everybody going crazy. With DJ Quintino and vocalist Harris joining him on stage it was a wonderful experience & showed why Hardwell is appreciated by so many fans all around the world. Martin Garrix & Tiesto actually also joined Hardwell on stage which is something absolutely unique and memorable for a very long time!

While grabbing a drink & talking about how amazing Hardwell’s set had been the only duo on the line-up was ready to take over: W&W. How would they be able to top Hardwell’s set, we asked ourselves but the Dutch duo showed themselves very worthy with a big set including obviously their collab with Hardwell ‘Don’t stop the madness’ . Beats were nicely loud and caused the crowd to jump up & down regularly.

A little dazzled by the craziness we’d seen so far we realized & got goosebumps knowing that Hardwell B2B Dyro B2B Dannic was up next! As the style of tracks of the 3 legends have quite some big differences we didn’t really know what to expect. Fortunately it was obviously prepared really well. Dannic & Dyro played mainly in the first 30 minutes which consisted of clear influences of both the artists. Seeing the crowd going crazy is one thing but it definitely enhances our experience when seeing the artists really knowing eachother well & having the time of their life, that was so clear here! The set was very diverse and next to the fact you’ll basically never see this combination that made it more unique.

People seemed really tired, understandable after this many massive sets and some decided to go home. A pity for Thomas Newson who had the honor to close the event. He still played a very nice set though with quite a lot of recognizable songs.


We had a wonderful night checking out the sets of the Revealed family! It was good that there were quite a lot of bars places throughout the Heineken Music Hall so you never had to wait that long for your drink. As for the best sets of the night the B2B2B was obviously number 1, but also the sets of Hardwell, Kill The Buzz and W&W stood out for us. We can imagine that making a choice for an event on ADE opening night is a huge dilemma but if you ever get the chance to see such a line-up, don’t hesitate & visit it!

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Reporter: Alexander Bouten