I Am Hardstyle In Concert

This uncomplicated credo that says it all, it has become a household name for hardstyle lovers across the globe. It is no secret that Hardstyle is more than music, it’s a way of life! These words are part of the concept of Brennan Heart’s I Am Hardstyle brand and music label. We’ve visited many hardstyle events, but this was gonna be the very first one in these strange Corona times and honestly, why wouldn’t we after 5 months of keeping in mind all the rules and self-isolation.

I Am Hardstyle In Concert is a brand-new concept, which was premiered in Germany and goes along with an extra anthem. For the anthem Brennan Heart has teamed up with his wife Dailucia as well as the Australian artist (who’s been living in the Netherlands for a long time by now) Toneshifterz. The anthem is called ‘Time Is Now’ and you can hear a small piece of it in this video we took at the event.

Upon entering the venue we were rather impressed with the set-up of the event. The whole floor of the Ziggo Dome had been covered with chairs, divided into part A, B, C etc. so it was very simple to figure out the location of your seat. Raving safely was ensured due to the distance between the solo and small groups of party-people, so kudo’s for that to the organization. Especially the fact that it was allowed to dance in front of your seat was an incredible feeling.

Rebourne & The Pitcher were playing when we arrived and it was definitely a cool set to get warmed up. Mind you, in our opinion both artists are rather underrated at this point, while we love their tracks and distinct style. The Pitcher played a rather special version of one of his best known tracks ‘Ain’t Nobody’ (2020 edit?) which got the crowd moving if that wasn’t the case already.

Toneshifterz & Code Black are such fun artists to see performing together as they’re both good friends and both have a high level of energy that they provide any crowd with. Kicking off their set with ”F*ck Yeah” it was already off to a great start. When Atmozfears joined them as a surprise-guest and the TAC-team (their live-act) the fun was complete!

The main man of I Am Hardstyle, obviously we’re talking about Brennan Heart himself, delivered an absolutely spectacular solo-set. Joined by Max P, Jake Reese and Jonathan Mendelsohn (the latter joined virtually from the USA) the performance was taken to the next level. Brennan Heart showcased the variety of his releases by playing both his recent collab with Armin van Buuren ‘All On Me’ as well as an insane ‘Waterverve’ edit and obviously the all-time classic ‘Lose My Mind’ together with the vocalist Max P. Straight up euphoria, that’s probably the best description of the atmosphere when hearing Lose My Mind fully live.

When the trailer of the event dropped our eyebrows raised when seeing that B-Front would be performing, not that he’s not a great artists, in fact his style is rather unique, but we didn’t see the connection with I Am Hardstyle. That completely changed however, when Brennan Heart and B-Front revealed they created a collaboration and oh my how the crowd reacted to that was pretty crazy. Guided by the voice of DV8, B-Front took us on a journey with heavy kicks and amazing melodies like his tunes with the Danish talent Adrenalize.

The timetable mentioned the final act of the night would be ”All Stars”, so we expected to see like 50 mins of everybody together on stage, but it turned out to be a special Brennan Heart B2B B-Front set. We were pleasantly surprised by a special edit/remix of The Weekend’s ‘Blinding Lights’ and one or 2 Blademasterz tracks. We’d be super happy if Brennan Heart would drop and release more of these cool oldschool records.. well who knows!

We’d like to thank the team behind I Am Hardstyle for having us and throwing an amazing party which is definitely a bright light, shining in the darkness of these difficult times for the entertainment industry. So would we go to the next I Am Hardstyle? Hell yeah and we fully recommend you to do the same. Untill that point we’ll leave you with this: Never stop dancing!