Dirtcaps & Raynor Bruges release the official ‘Booty Down’ video

Dirtcaps & Raynor Bruges - Booty Down cover
Watch the official 'Booty Down' video here: 

The wait is over! Dirtcaps and Raynor Bruges Gave ‘Booty Down’ the
official music video treatment. Just two weeks after the release the
track is now accompanied by its own video. The highly energetic video
was shot in Amsterdam and produced by Jäger Music, Jägermeister’s
own music program. It showcases the crazy lives of both Dirtcaps and
Raynor Bruges, who are both making their appearance in the video.
Download 'Booty Down' here: 

Imagine this: two DJ's filled with passion for music and an energetic MC
who completes their sets with rhymes and tremendous timing, that's
Dirtcaps! This unique and energetic Dutch DJ/MC trio has been rocking
out clubs in Holland and the rest of Europe for years now and they are
making big steps to take over the rest of the world. They recently
played at big festivals like TommorowWorld in Atlanta and at World of
Wonders Festival in Mexico. 

Although Raynor never had a lack of interest in music, he started at
relatively old age with DJ-ing. After a year of practicing with a
Midi-controller, Raynor Bruges had built up enough confidence to spin
some records in front of an audience. If you had to describe Raynor
Bruges in one word, it would be 'Eclectic'; his sets go from Trap /
Hip-hop to House and everything in between and around, seamlessly mixed
by the man himself. All together it hasn't been quiet around Raynor
Bruges and the future looks promising, considering the successful
partnerships he's engaged in and that are still to come.