Dutch DJ La Fuente supports Fight cancer with new single ‘Show Me How To Love’!

Dutch DJ La Fuente supports Fight cancer with new single ‘Show Me How To Love’!

Dutch DJ La Fuente releases his new single ‘Show Me How To Love’ today, a personally flavored track, with which he also supports the foundation Fight cancer. As support for the message that La Fuente wants to bring across with the track there’s an elaborate social-media campaign, which includes special prizes the DJ will be awarding.


Watch La Fuente’s personal message here:


‘Show Me How To Love’ is a positive track with a positive message. Just like really fits with a DJ like La Fuente who’s living his life to the fullest and emphasizes with his gigs & music that every moment should be enjoyed to the max.


When the DJ, also known as Job Smeltzer who was born in Eindhoven, received terrible news this summer about the health of a family member that feeling only became stronger. That’s how ‘Show Me How To Love’ came about, a dance track with which he celebrates life, but also wants to encourage and support his sick family-member and everybody who’s experiencing the same situation.


‘’I was in a split last summer, one at which the bright side of life (music, a great festival-season) suddenly were stuck in a horrible contrast with an awfull disease and the chance to lose a loved one. With ‘Show Me How To Love’ I want to emphasize the positive and the good things in life. It has been my learning inside this phase: Do what you love and share it..! Love Life!’’



To accomplish this Job set up a special contest through social-media. To create awareness & get funds Job asks his fans to posts pictures and videos on Instagram to show how/who/what they love. By using the hashtag #ShowMeHowToLove they can win prizes that will be unlocked after every milestone of the amount of Spotify plays. So, the more plays, the more fun it becomes, especially because all earnings go to Fight cancer.

The prizes that will be handed out are all linked to the passions of La Fuente. Buddha To Buddha-jewelry, an outfit-package of Body Engineers, a Polar watch & a drive in a Ferrari to name a few. And the bigger the number of streams, the bigger the amount of prizes!

La Fuente

La Fuente is a Dutch DJ & producer who has gained a lot of international attention already with popular clubtracks like ‘Outlaw’, ‘Selecta’ and ‘4000’. Besides that he’s a very welcome guest at summerfestivals & he’s known for his colorful appearance which brings a positive and energetic vibe.

Fight cancer

Fight cancer is a young foundation for young-adults which is collecting funds for KWF Kankerbestrijding. With the slogan: ‘’Love life. Fight cancer’’ they inspire people to unite against cancer.


‘Show Me How To Love’ is out now via SOURCE!




Check out the  Show Me How To Love contest page here:



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