Firebeatz does it again; ‘Samir’s Theme’ will blow your mind

Firebeatz does it again;  ‘Samir’s Theme’ will blow your mind
 firebeatz samir's theme cover
Talk about an unstoppable duo. Over the past few years Firebeatz has had major success with tracks like ‘Dear New York’, ‘Where’s Your Head At’, ‘Helicopter’ and ‘No Heroes’ just to name a few. Now, their latest track  ‘Samir’s Theme’ will make fans stop what they are doing and enjoy the moment. The guys took the classic track by Debonair Samir and lifted it to a modern day masterpiece. Firebeatz’s signature high energy sound and electro groove make this a chart topper, no doubt. Whether you hear this track at a festival, club, or day party, ‘Samir’s Theme’ will have fans raging away, enjoying life.
This summer is going to be crazy for Firebeatz. In just July alone, they will be playing in Spain, France, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Belgium, and Poland- there will be no shortage of these two. With other performances on the agenda in Istanbul, Mykonos, and Vegas throughout August, there is no slowing down this dynamic duo. Be sure not to miss any of Firebeatz’s upcoming shows.
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