Nervo - It feels (Jordy Dazz remix)
Internationally renowned DJ & producer Jordy Dazz has been on fire for as long as we can remember. Since the release of his track ‘Jumbo’ he’s given away over 30 Dazz Ups through Jordy Dazz’ mash-ups have always been receiving worldwide praise and recognition hence his nickname the Master of Mash-Ups. This is also the reason why Nervo approached him to remix their track, and he didn’t disappoint.
Jordy Dazz is definitely bringing back his signature groove. With his track ‘Disco Nights’, just released on Revealed Recordings and his remix for Nervo’s ‘It Feels’ out on Ultra today, there’s no stopping this talented Dutch producer. The sharp production values and organic mixing skills of Jordy makes him one of the most gifted artists at this moment.
His ‘It Feels’ remix has an extremely uplifting sound and is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Jordy Dazz has taken the amazing vocals of the track and used them to create a new  masterpiece full of groove, which is signature to his style. Jordy Dazz has always received massive support from other world class acts when it comes to his productions, and this time around it’s no different. The likes of some of the worlds’ biggest DJ’s have already played this massive tune in their radioshows. Proving once again, that the Jordy Dazz groove is back.
Nervo – ‘It Feels’ (Jordy Dazz Remix) is out today on Ultra.
Purchase the track via this link:
 ‘Disco Nights’ is out now on Revealed Recordings and can be purchased here: