Lady Bee ft. Rochelle – Return of the mack (The remixes)

Not only was ‘Return of the Mack’ a hit on its own, now with the
release of its’ remixes, this track just got turned up a notch!
Revamping its sound based on each artist, the remixes are different and
fresh. With remixes by Oliver Heldens, Dirtcaps, Poupon and SNBRN,
‘Return of the Mack’ was just taken to a whole new level.

Young Dutch megastar Oliver Heldens has been killing the house sound
lately. With successful tracks like ‘Koala’, ‘Pikachu’, ‘This’, ‘You
Know’ and of course ‘Gecko’, Oliver Heldens has been grazing the charts
this past year. Now with his remix of Lady Bee & Rochelle’s ‘Return of
the Mack’, Oliver puts his groovy spin on the original track. With
recognition from Pete Tong and Mistajam this remix is going to be
massive. Making it a house remix that you will never forget.

Dirtcaps, one of Holland’s success full Dutch DJ trios is bringing a
high energy sound to the original ‘Return of the Mack track’. With a
trap like drop and melodic undertones, this remix is one for festival
grounds. By looking at some previous tracks like ‘Booty Down’, ‘Boss It
Up’ and ‘The Underground’, this trio is one to be on the look out for.
Putting their original, energetic, Dirtcaps twist on every track they
touch, proving this remix to be a guaranteed success.

A newer name to the scene, Poupon brings it with this remix of ‘Return
of the Mack’. This remix makes Poupon stand out from the crowd. With a
deep house vibe combined with an energetic sound, creating a non stop
party atmosphere. Be on the look out for this rising star because this
remix is the beginning of a long career for Poupon. Even getting support
from the likes of D.O.N.S and Shaun Frank this track is going to start a
music revolution!

SNBRN brings indie house vibes to this remix. Known for his laid-back,
yet R&B infused sounds, SNBRN combines all his skills in his version of
‘Return of the Mack’. A remix that will surely have you chillin’ and
groovin’ all day long. This is a track for all melodic lovers with
special focus on the smooth piano sounds, it is one for low key house
heads. With backing by Chainsmokers and DCUP, this track will travel
worldwide. SNBRN has a bright future ahead of him for 2015 so be sure
you’ll be listening!

Be sure to catch all the remixes out on iTunes today!