Laidback Luke releases first studio labum in 13 years: ‘FOCUS’!

Available November 6th on Mixmash Records!
Laidback Luke Focus album cover
“If you focus, you can hear the true love in there. It’s that freedom, that variation that keeps me falling in love with producing every single day”. – Laidback Luke
From releasing massive hits like “Turbulence”, “Natural Disaster”, “Leave the World Behind”, and ”Show Me Love”, contributing to the breakthrough of many current A-list DJs, and managing his own label – Mixmash Records – the legendary Filipino-Dutch veteran, Lucas van Scheppingen has rightfully earned his highly-acclaimed stage name of Laidback Luke.  In fact, he has been a favorable name in the dance music circuit since the late ‘90s.  To add to this list of accomplishments, Luke has now released his third studio album, FOCUS, on Mixmash Records.  It’s been 13 years since he has released an album…his last being Electronic Satisfaction in 2002.
And it was worth the wait.  FOCUS stands for everything that Luke represents: diversity, quality, and craftsmanship.  It reflects the different generations of Luke’s music from his signature techno and house sounds in the 1990s, his Dutch house sound in the 2000s, and his more recent high-energy EDM sound.  The album is composed of 16 tracks and features collaborations with the likes of Benny Benassi, Yellow Claw, Trevor Guthrie, GTA, and D.O.D.  Luke’s collaboration with Trevor Guthrie entitled “Let It Go” was released on October 12th and premiered via Shazam.  It has already amassed close to 850,000 plays.  You can expect the full album to be just as successful.  FOCUS will fulfill every emotion so be prepared to listen to it in any setting!
Full Tracklist: 
1.   Laidback Luke – Intro
2.   Laidback Luke ft. Trevor Guthrie – Let It Go
3.   Laidback Luke & GTA – The Chase (ft. Aruna)
4.   Laidback Luke – Hooked Again (ft. Sam Ashworth)
5.   Laidback Luke – KillaSound
6.   Laidback Luke & Luciano Martina – Won’t Break This Feeling Down
7.   Laidback Luke – Never Forget (ft. More & Killa Karma)
8.   Laidback Luke & D.O.D – We Party
9.   Laidback Luke & Marc Benjamin – Tell Me That You Love Me
10. Laidback Luke – Scandinavia
11.  Laidback Luke & Benny Benassi ft. Amba Shepherd – Neon Sunrise
12.  Laidback Luke – The Rut
13.  Laidback Luke ft. Harrison – Never Rave Again
14.  Laidback Luke & Yellow Claw & Dirtcaps – Mic
15.  Laidback Luke – Fantasizing (ft. Natalia Isabella)
16.  Laidback Luke – Wudang
17.  Laidback Luke – Don’t Hesitate (ft. Mangal Suvarnan) 
FOCUS will be released on Friday, November 6th via Mixmash Records
so go grab your copy while you can!