Landis unveils brand new label ‘Fresh Squeeze’ under HEXAGON

Landis Step and Repeat Fresh Squeeze 001 Hexagon Don Diablo
Stream the first track of the new label here!

Miami groove-setter Landis is shifting gears this year as he is launching his brand-new label ‘Fresh Squeeze’. After being a frequent collaborator on Don Diablo’s HEXAGON imprint in the past, the joint venture comes as a natural next step in the producer’s prolific career, creating a new home for both his own music and that of fellow rising artists in the scene.

Landis aims to release more dancefloor-oriented tunes with groove house influences. In the past, he has realized success in the form of releases on Spinnin’ Records, Enhanced Music, and Insomniac Records, to name a few, and the support of huge names including Don Diablo, Martin Garrix, Afrojack and Oliver Heldens.

“Over the years I have always admired the record labels that help up and coming artists and break new music/sounds. HEXAGON has done so much for the dance community & to have my label Fresh Squeeze as an extension of the HEXAGON name is something I am beyond excited for. The goal of Fresh Squeeze is to help in the push to move dance music forward, the initial focus for the sound of the label will be house music with a more traditional feel but I know this will continue to develop over time. We are just getting started!” – Landis

Stephan Oorbeek – Vice President, HEXAGON – on the addition of Fresh Squeeze to the label’s expanding roster:

“Since the start of 2020, we’ve added a select few artist-driven labels to our label group by artists who we truly believe in and who have expressed a desire and clear vision for their label. A new label must add something distinctive and/or tap into a new demographic compared to what we’re already doing at HEXAGON. We’re happy and excited to welcome Landis and his Fresh Squeeze imprint to our home and look forward to helping him with his vision for the label.”

Over the past year, HEXAGON has expanded its operations by adding some artist driven labels to its roster, alongside its own imprints HEXAGON, Generation HEX and FUTURE. The new labels include King Arthur’s BRING THE KINGDOM, RetroVision’s TIME MACHINE, JLV’s Something Good and Dropgun’s PROPHECY. HEXAGON ranked number 4 overall in 1001Tracklists annual ‘A State of Dance Music’ report as top label.

As an added crescendo to the announcement, Landis officially set the Fresh Squeeze engines in motion with the label’s first native release, ‘Step and Repeat’, which is OUT NOW. The track is a shining emblem of Landis’ funky, dancefloor directed style. The promising original is an exemplary forerunner of the refreshing cuts to come out of the new label in the near future.