Oliver Heldens launches new track ‘Good Life’ in collaboration with Ubisoft’s WATCH_DOGS 2!

Oliver Heldens launches new track Good Life in collaboration with Ubisoft’s WATCH_DOGS 2
●           Ubisoft have produced the official video, inspired by new game
●           Ida Corr provides the vocal on this new disco-meets-bass house jam
Oliver Heldens is back with another huge new single in the form of Good Life: a sunny slice of bassy house that’s oozing with disco and funk flavours. Teaming up with Danish vocalist Ida Corr for the occasion, he’s struck gold once again.
The track springs into life with crisp, reverbed percussion, quickly dropping into a rolling house groove thanks to an elastic electro bassline and punchy kick combo. An infectious melody soon unfolds before we drop into the first break, with Corr’s impassioned vocal gliding into play. As the bridge arrives, so do muted piano chords and subtle sustained strings, both of which explode into full vigour come the drop.
The sophisticated string arrangements recall the classic disco era, with the anthemic chorus topping off the track’s euphoric feel. Dropping breakbeats into the second break and letting Corr run wild with ad-libs in the final section, he keeps things as interesting as always. It’s another stylistics side-step from Heldens, once again showing that he can pull off any sound he choses to.
What’s more, Heldens has collaborated with video game giants Ubisoft for the official video for the track as part of the launch of their new WATCH_DOGS 2 title. They have produced the video with inspiration taken from the style of the game itself, with an exclusive livestream launch event which premiered it on Friday 11 November at 7PM from Google’s London HQ. Given his huge passion for gaming, it’s a match made in heaven.
Oliver Heldens ‘Good Life’ is out via Heldeep Records. Grab your copy here.