Talented producer & electric violinist makes her debut on Enormous Tunes!

Alfiya Glow Enormous Tunes New Earth

Today, the up-and-coming DJ, producer, and electric violinist Alfiya Glow is making her debut on the record label Enormous Tunes.

“NEW EARTH” is a cinematic soundscape born from an unexplained drive of exposing the spiritual layers that can be found in the minimal house genre. It effortlessly brings the unexpected together, highlighting her classically-trained violin signature (found throughout all of her releases), production expertise, and for the first time ever – delivery of vocals. The result is a fresh take on an already trailblazing sub-genre of dance music.

Alyifa Glow: “According to spiritual teachings ’NEW EARTH’ stands for heaven on Earth. This track has a very special place in my heart. It was created last year on Earth day – April 22, 2020, which I wasn’t even conscious of. It was a very difficult time for humanity, as we are all aware of – but I had a glimpse of what it would feel like once the dark times passed us by. What followed was in some sense an out of body experience for me, or what they call a cosmic download. I began to write and produce in a completely free flow, meditative state. And somewhere at the end of the trance I was in, I realized I was able to capture that exact vision into this track. From that experience, my hope is that listeners are able to touch and exist in that little piece of heaven with me. I now truly believe heaven can be a place on Earth. Through music.”

The “NEW EARTH” Release Package coming this week will also include a remix from fellow Enormous Tunes artist PASSENGER 10. The remix has already found acclaim following its air on Nora En Pure’s “Purified Radio” two weeks ago.

This week the original track also found acclaim on the next episode of Purified Radio (Episode 245), as well as on EDX’s No Xcuses: Episode 531.

Enormous Tunes adds: “NEW EARTH was the perfect track to introduce the promising and very talented female artist to the label.”

Full tracklisting of the “NEW EARTH” release package:

  2. NEW EARTH (Extended Mix)
  3. NEW EARTH (Passenger 10 Remix Edit)
  4. NEW EARTH (Passenger 10 Remix)

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