Tony Junior feat. Mr Polska ‘Love Somebody’

Tony Junior ft. mr. polska - love somebody cover
The charismatic DJ Tony Junior collaborated with rapper Mr. Polska for his latest release ‘Love Somebody’! The track combines the tempting, catchy melodies of Tony Junior with the uplifting lyrics van Mr. Polska. This combination makes ‘Love Somebody’ the perfect track for long hot summernights! 
 Tony Junior, known for his high energy tracks & awesome live performances brings you something completely new with the release of ‘Love Somebody’. Tony shows his talent as a producer with it.
But the young DJ has proven to be successful in many ways! Next to music Tony recently launched his own clothingbrand ‘IMMRTL’ and he can be seen weekly in his own tv-show with his did on RTL 5. So keep an eye on this multi-talent, because you never know what’s gonna come next!
 Download ‘Love Somebody’ temporarly for free using this link!
‘Love Somebody’ is also available via Spotify and iTunes
Tony Junior