Up-and-coming DJ/producer Larce delivers official 2024 UEC Track Elite European Championships Song


Adding a stunning new chapter to his burgeoning resume, one of Holland’s brightest new stars Larce makes his Spinnin’ debut as he releases the invigorating new single “Go For Excellence.” Built around enchanting synth melodies and a series of encouraging vocals, it’s an instant pop anthem that perfectly captures his talent for lively hooks, effectively chosen as the Official Song for the upcoming 2024 UEC Track Elite European Championships. Be sure the race is on, when this ultimate boost for track cyclists hits the airwaves – out now on Spinnin’ Records.

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Larce has created an impressive career in the mere two years he’s been active in the global electronic music scene. Living up to the reputation of promising new kid on the block, the Dutchman dropped popular tunes at labels like Revealed, Protocol and Mixmash Deep, including last year’s breakthrough “Wild One” (a collab with Robin Vane) and this year’s hit “Pendulum” (with Protocol Lab).

With his music characterized by deep basslines, sharp arp synths and catchy vocals, Larce currently brings a fresh vibe to contemporary club sounds. DJ support has already come from several acclaimed artists, including Afrojack, Timmy Trumpet, Sam Feldt and Blasterjaxx, which has further ignited his creativity, making him eager to take things next level.

“Go For Excellence” says it all. A more than ambitious tune, that perfectly summarizes Larce’s strong points, with its warm, pulsating synths and lively vocals, exclaiming you’re ‘standing on the wings of heroes, hoping they can give you the edge.’ The words resemble a sublime fit with the energetic beats and feel-good pop hooks, causing a spirited atmosphere aiming for a burst of vitality.  

Not surprisingly, “Go For Excellence” was chosen as Official Song for the upcoming 2024 UEC Track Elite European Championships, the first major event in the new year for the world’s track cycling sport, taking place early January in Larce’ home town Apeldoorn. This takes things full circle, as the Dutch DJ is a fanatic sportsman himself, playing (sub)top athletics in Holland.