First-ever museum for electronic music to be opened in Amsterdam!

The first-ever modern museum for electronic music ‘Our House’ aims to open its doors in August at one of the most legendary locations in dance culture: Amstelstraat 24-26 in the center of Amsterdam, former venue of the legendary club iT – one of the first clubs in existence in the Netherlands in the end of the 80s. The interactive and futuristic museum pays tribute to both the national and international dance-culture.

The Club iT gained international fame in the 90s due to its extravagant parties and enabled (together with a.o. Roxy) house-music to get its big breakthrough in the Netherlands. It’s definitely no coincidence that ‘Our House’ is located at the former iT venue. ”The iT will forever be a legendary and historic spot in electronic music culture. We’re thrilled that we’re able to open Our House at a venue that has such a big cultural heritage, in the city center of Amsterdam” commented Jeroen Jansen, co-founder of Our House and former creative director of ID&T.

At Our House, visitors will be submerged into the world of dance music and will learn all about the origin and history of this popular culture and all its sub-cultures. Our House tells the tale of this innovative music-culture through the focus points: history, technology and community. Upon entering the museum you’ll make a journey from one interactive installation to the next, where world-famous DJs will tell you all about the historical trip of house music in the past 40 years. Fans and communities are also involved, the younger generation, artists, promoters of clubs, parties and festivals, the driving force behind the success of electronic music on a global scale. Besides experiencing many light and video-installations, visitors of Our House can also enjoy the ultimate club-experience of the future.

Hybrid collaboration with club AIR Amsterdam

Our House decided to collaborate with Air Amsterdam for some of the areas in the museum. By day, visitors can experience the interaction museum of Our House and by night, the areas transform and become some incredible dancefloors for the club. Jeroen Janse: ”By sharing some aspects of our museum with AIR, we can work with the acoustic and technological abilities that this venue has to offer and we can create the show we had in mind for the museum”.

Sander Groet, founder of AIR Amsterdam agrees: ”The unique collaboration with Our House gives AIR Amsterdam the chance to also have a nice function by day. It also gives us the opportunity to rebuild our club with some state-of-the-art video, lights, and sound-equipment, making sure we’re staying on top of our game within the European club-scene”.