New book: Hypnotised – A Journey Through Trance Music (1990 – 2005)

Armin van Buuren Innercity Hypnotised A Journey Through Trance Music (1999-2005)

The first-ever ‘read encyclopedia’ about the worldwide movement of trance music in its glory days

On September 4th at publisher Mary Go Wild the book ‘Hypnotised – A Journey Through Trance Music (1999 – 2005)’ by Dutch author Arjan Rietveld will see the light of day. The book outlines the genre in which the Netherlands guided by Tiësto, Armin van Buuren and Ferry Corsten became a leading player within the international dance scene.

Trance used to be the most genre within electronic music in the nineties and the beginning of the zeroes. The whole world danced to the both euphoric and melancholic sounds. There’s no doubt that trance music has influenced all the electronic music that came next. However, the genre never really got the credit it deserves, until now!

‘Hypnotised’ is the very first ‘read-encylopedia’ about this worldwide movement in its glory days. In a whopping 322 pages, you’ll be able to read in-depth interviews with some of the most influential artists and label-owners, an overview of the essential albums, labels and releases and many never before published photo’s by Rutger Geerling, Wim Warnars and more photographers.

”Not many people are aware that classical composers already were aware of the power of repetitive music. Their music can put you in a trance. Trance as we know it, is based on these same principles and the influence of the genre on today’s music is massive. Even though, I’ve been at the front row and I’m part of trance since the late nineties, I’ve learned a lot from this book” – Armin van Buuren

”This book dives deep into the history, meaning and evolution of trance and therefore proves the importance of the genre. It’s a fantastic book that will trigger both amazement and recognition for the biggest trance fans as well as the worst critics” – Ferry Corsten

Besides the book, a 3-vinyl set with highlights from the Dutch trance scene will come about, created together with Black Hole Recordings.

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Please note: Hypnotised – A Journey Through Trance Music (1990 – 2005) is an English book.