‘Our House’ museum opens its doors once again and launches 1980 NFTs

Our House museum NFT

The museum for electronic music is selling digital keys which enable buyers to get a spot in the exposition.

‘Our House’ in Amsterdam, worlds first museum experience about electronic music has reopened its doors. The first opening took place in November last year, which was just before the last lockdown and because of that the museum was only open for a very short period of time. In the mean time Our House revised the collection and created new content for the openingshow and 4D Culture Ride. In addition to that, Our House is now selling ‘Museum keys’ shaped as 1980 NFTs. These keys offer their owner not just unlimited access to the experience, private events and parties, but also creative control regarding a part of the exposition.

During the opening-event on the 29th June, Eddy de Clerq, Isis, Marcello and DJ Jean, under supervision of cultural councillor Touria Meliani, will be receiving a ”key” to Our House. These 4 artists have pioneered in their scene for over thirty years. They received the first NFT’s as well. In total 1980 NFT’s will be sold, based on the fact that electronic music was born in 1980.

”The Our House NFT project is a celebration of the most important driving forces behind the electronic music culture: diversity, experimentation and technological progress”

– Viktor van der Weegen, Our House founding partner.

Special NFT art

By logging in with the digital key, the holder is able to upload photo- and video-material. This footage then instantly becomes part of a dynamic artwork which will be permanently displayed at the museum. Because these keys can be traded freely the exposition will be ever changing since everyone can contribute and share their view and vision on electronic music culture with the world. Buyers also become owner of an art-piece. Each NFT has a unique computer-generated design which is one of 80 million possible combinations when they mint it. All the elements of this are inspired by electronic music’s history and created together with big names within the industry.

Exclusive access and profit-sharing

The ownership of an Our House NFT gives you membership to an exclusive community. All members get VIP-access to private-events and access to private ticketsale for parties and events by Our House partner-venues across the globe. In addition to that, they’ll have first pick for all future digital projects created by the Our House team. Having an Our House NFT-key also offers some financial gain. A few times per year a snapshot is created of the dynamic artwork and it will be auctioned as a seperate NFT entity. Each NFT-holder part of the dynamic artwork will get a share of the profit. Other income will be going to a selection of non-profits, focused on stimulating future development of electronic music and its culture.

Easy and accessible

Our House highly values inclusivity and accessiblity and therefore makes purchasing these NFT’s extra simple. They will help you out setting up a wallet and if you don’t want to learn about the technology behind NFT’s you can receive it through a professional secured wallet at Amdex, a Dutch licensed cryptobank.

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