Representing artists like Amelie Lens, PAN-POT, Nicole Moudaber & many more.

Berlin based The Bliss Office one of the prominent agencies within the underground scene run by Marco Starke and Ugur Akkus joined forces with the Dutch Michel Kuklinski and Roy Gerritsen from A Plus Artists to set up a new entity; The Bliss Office ASIA. The new agency will be operating from Singapore and will sole focus on Asia, Australia and the Middle East.With a killer roster that includes DJs like Amelie Lens, PAN-POT, Nicole Moudaber and many more great talent The Bliss Office ASIA wants to help redefine the underground scene in those areas and develop the market further.

A Plus Artists is no stranger to Asian territory. As senior agents at David Lewis Productions (based in Amsterdam and Hong Kong) Michel and Roy have been part of the fast-growing market for years now.  In 2020 the two started A Plus Artists and fulfilled their long-cherished dream of setting up their own Asia-focused agency. When the two crossed paths with Marco and Ugur who, due to years of experience and a solid roster are frontrunners in the worldwide underground scene, the idea to unite their strengths was born. With their combined knowledge, network and roster the company sets out to develop and expand the Asian underground scene not only for the artists who are already affiliated with The Bliss Office ASIA but also for emerging local talent.

“We are very keen to expand the business developments for underground music in Asia, Australia and the Middle East with Marco and Ugur. Both have a great philosophy and are great people in the industry with an impressive track record. Their roster is top-of-the-notch in today’s underground scene and we are more than happy to continue the growth in Asia, Australia and the Middle East”, says A Plus Artists.

“Expanding our business in the Asian Pacific markets always has been high on our list. We strongly believe that now is the time to make steps in the mentioned markets and we are happy to do that with the expertise from Roy and Michel. Both are fully integrated in the Asian Pacific markets and with their commercial backgrounds, we think we can take some serious steps in the market”, says The Bliss Office.

The four guys have added Kenny Wee founder and owner of Substance MGMT to the team of The Bliss Office ASIA. With years of experience within the Asian scene, Kenny is no stranger to many and has witnessed the growth of the underground scene in Asia. Together with Michel and Roy he will be the core of The Bliss Office ASIA and will handle all day-to-day business.

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