An exclusive chat with Julian Jordan about his YouTube series!

Julian Jordan Interview

Julian Jordan is making waves within the music industry. From releasing quality music at STMPD RCRDS these days, to performing all across the globe including Ultra Miami. He re-launched his YouTube series ‘It’s Julian Jordan’ recently so we felt like it’s a perfect moment to catch up with him. As face-2-face interviews can’t happen these days, we sent over some questions. Check out his answers below!

Thanks for taking the time to do this Julian! In what way do you consider your vlog to be unique compared to vlogs created by others DJs/producers?

I don’t think ‘It’s Julian Jordan’ can be considered as a vlog actually, I feel it’s more of a real-life soap series. You won’t just follow me while I’m on tour, but also during my spare time. I’m really trying to showcase the person behind the Julian Jordan brand. You’ll get to see things that you wouldn’t really expect to see on my socials. It’s totally uncensored, I honestly didn’t want to re-watch some scenes because it was super confrontational, but in my view that’s what makes my series unique!

What’s the most impressive you’ve been able to witness in the world thanks to your career?

I definitely wasn’t used to flying long distances, I’d been on a plane only once before I became a DJ. So, if you’ve only lived in the Netherlands, your world is really small. When I started traveling for my work as a DJ a new world opened up for me. All the cultures that you get to know and the way that all people are unique in their own way is always super impressive to experience. I always try to see as much as possible of the country I’m visiting for a gig, but due to my schedule there’s not always a lot of time. However, it’s very important to have seen some highlights of the location/country where you’re playing.

No doubt you’re currently working on new music, as there’s plenty of time for that due to the current situation, can you share some details on what’s coming out soon and which tracks you’re working on?

I’ve got a cool collab coming out with Brooks! We started on it around the period of Ultra Music Festival last year, so it took a long time to finish it. I’ve been trying to create as much new stuff as possible and thought extensively out-of-the-box. Besides that, I’m stacking tracks at the moment, it’s not hard to schedule releases, but I don’t want to release a track that I don’t consider to be perfect. That’s pretty much one of the key-items of the Julian Jordan strategy.

Listen to Brooks & Julian Jordan – Without You now!

In ‘It’s Julian Jordan’, you discuss the subject of Instagram and the fact that you should be considering yourself as a brand since you’re an artist. Is it easier these days to switch from ‘’Julian’’ to ‘’Julian Jordan’’?

I’ve had the entrepreneurial spirit at quite an early age already actually. When I was a kid, I sold home-made stuff and created an extra income-stream by doing rap-performances and drum-sessions (in my archive there are some really fun videos from that period haha). At a young age I discovered the importance of building a brand (no matter in which business you’re trying to make it). The brand makes sure that you can distinguish yourself from others. When I understood that, I started thinking about a DJ name for myself. I thought that ‘Julian Jordan’ sounded cool and started thinking about how it would come across for my fans and on logo’s etc.

It might sound super perfectionist, but I’m super strict on small details. For example, the tone-of-voice of a caption or what a video looks like. If it’s not compliant with the philosophy of my brand, I shouldn’t do it. So, that’s probably why it’s quite difficult to ‘’switch’’ as this has been my vision all along and it’s very clear to me what my standards are.

Your life is quite hectic, you’re performing a lot, you’re producing a lot of music, often you’re on tour. Do you have any special tricks to make sure you can keep doing what you’re doing or have your learned from experience when you’ve got to take a break?

In my view it’s super important to find a balance that works for you. Nobody can sense how you feel and you need to have the guts to step on the brake-pedal yourself. My tip/trick is to bring someone on tour with whom you have a great connection and also helps to create content. Example: one of my best friends is my camera-guy and in that way, I can combine business & pleasure. I have fun with my friend on tour and in addition to that, we’re able to create cool content together!

As you already mentioned, you really think everything through when it comes to your brand, how did your logo which resembles a play-button come about?

The concept is actually a few years old and I came up with it in a meeting with some creative friends of mine. It’s called ‘the Play On logo’. It means that you should always keep going, no matter what you’ve had to deal with in the past. It’s also incorporated in the official Julian Jordan logo, so it’s all connected. Those tiny details have the ability to empower your brand.

Which goals are left for you at this point? You’ve had to honor to open the Ultra Miami Mainstage, but what’s next for you?

Opening the Mainstage of Ultra Miami was definitely on my bucket list! One of my dreams is playing at the Mainstage of Tomorrowland and I’m convinced that will happen one day. I feel you should always dream big, so I’d love to do a headline show in a stadium as well.

You’ve been through quite a big development regarding your own sound. Do you feel you’ve truly found your own sound now or will you always keep experimenting?

I’ll never stop experimenting, but the origin of my sound is really based on creating what I love the most and letting go of the expectations of others. It’s difficult to not focus on the opinion of people around you. Everybody has an opinion about what I should be doing or what’s to get involved. It may sound a bit egocentric, but if you don’t allow yourself to be influenced by that, that’s when you really manage to create your own sound. My own sound can always improve, and that’s what I’m always aiming for. I don’t like putting myself in a box, since that would limit myself. Maybe my sound will be totally different three years from now.

What’s it like working with the team behind Martin Garrix’s label STMPD RCRDS? Is it any different from other labels where you’ve released music in the past?

It’s totally different to be honest. STMPD RCRDS truly is a family and I really feel that in all aspects when working with them. I’m cool with the whole team and some of them have been a part of my career since the very beginning, which makes it a special connection. We all aim to achieve the very best for both the label as for the artists signed on it. I feel that this connection and common goal is key in order to achieve ultimate success!

Thanks for your time Julian and all the best for the rest of 2021, music-wise and both in your personal life too obviously!


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