Markus Schulz releases his stunning Transmission anthem: ‘The Spirit Of The Warrior’!

Transmission is a trance event located in the capital of Czech Republic, Prague. It’s something that should be on the bucketlist of every trance lover. If you’ve never heard of it check out the aftermovie of last years edition!

Cold Harbour Recordings headhoncho Markus Schulz received the honor to make the anthem for this years edition for the ninth time in a row! 2017’s theme also serves a dual role, as ‘The Spirit Of The Warrior’ dovetails into Markus 2017 Dakota spectacular, ‘The Nine Skies’. Through his audiovisual undertaking, Schulz has embraced a unique musical, spiritual path to enlightenment throughout the year. Forming an integral piece of this journey, ‘The Spirit Of The Warrior’ represents the fourth trailblazing single (or ’Sky’) ahead of the project’s upcoming album.

Musically, through dramatically drawn strings, big orchestral drums, majestic symphonic supporting instrumentation and laser-lit synths, Markus again encapsulates the sense of spectacle and occasion that is Transmission!

Transmisson Prague 2017 is completely sold out, so if you’re going next Saturday; have a blast!


Reporter: Alexander Bouten