Blasterjaxx x Timmy Trumpet join forces for ‘Narco’!

Blasterjaxx are always on the lookout for talented collaborators, and the hot new track from their studio Narco sees them team up with one of their most interesting to date: Australian DJ, producer and trumpet player, Timmy Trumpet.


Timmy is a multi-platinum certified crossover artist in his native country. 2017 saw him play main stage at Tomorrowland, as well as a host of other Summer festivals, selling out venues all over Europe, Asia and the United States. He brings his fresh instrumentation to a typically huge Blasterjaxx production, and the results are unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Timmy’s trumpet plays out a rousing melody that’s equal parts Latin-flavoured and military might, with the battle-ready feel bolstered by the thundering tribal drum patterns that build underneath. Rasping rap vocals call out a battle cry as trademark Blasterjaxx synths tease deep in the background. The drop unleashes that teased riff in full on top of pounding kicks and brooding bass, creating a mighty widescreen sound designed to tear even the biggest arenas to shreds.

The track will be accompanied by a video that tells the tale of brave knights in battle — a fitting visual for this weapons-grade track. You can hear the track in its natural environment over the next few weeks at the Blasterjaxx shows around the globe.