Dance Valley refreshes look & feel and enters a new path!

The longest running dance festival of the Netherlands: Dance Valley, will be celebrating its 24th edition on the 11th of August 2018. For the 24th edition the organization decided to totally change the branding of Dance Valley. In addition to that, the set-up of the festival-terrain will be changed in order to create a better connection with the several areas the festival has to offer.

‘It was time for something fresh’, says marketing manager Wytze Dijk. It was our goal to envision more fun, color and positivity. I think we’ve incorporated that goal well in our new logo and it will definitely be visible in our stage-designs, line-up, decoration and entertainment. The logo is modern, however our very first logo from 1995 is also recognizable in it. It shows that we’re proud of our past, but mostly that we are looking forward to the future. The festival is nowhere near yet, but we’ve got so many fun ideas, that we can’t wait for August 11th 2018’!


‘We’re currently looking, together with our booking-partner, for a way to find a correct balance in our musical offer. We’d like to offer visitors a program that contains variety and as a whole, is well connected to each other. I’m convinced that the combination of our line-up and the new set-up of the terrain will be a remarkable, fresh & memorable experience for our visitors’ Dijk explains. ‘We’re not going to spoil what it will exactly look like, that will be happening in the beginning of 2018. Then we’ll also reveal the line-up. Although, I’m sure that every visitor will be really happy!’ Dijk concludes.

Well, we’re curious!

The first Dance Valley tickets are available at!

See you in the Valley!