Release / Celebrate Life now available in English!

Release / Celebrate Life is the story of how a group of friends centered around Duncan Stutterheim endured blood, sweat and tears to become the biggest dance music organization in the world. A journey of highs and lows, personal dramas and triumphs, a barely averted bankruptcy and bizarre escapades right across the globe. With only one goal in mind: throwing the best parties ever.

Thanks to the Thunderdome hardcore event, party organization ID&T became a multimillion-dollar company. They consolidated their success through major events like Innercity, Mysteryland and Sensation. After its merger with Q-dance (Defqon.1, Qlimax) and b2s (Decibel, Hard Bass) ID&T transformed into an all-round dance music company. Sensation was exported to more than thirty countries.

Following nerve-racking negotiations, the company was acquired for 130 million dollars by US company SFX. In the financial melee that followed (SFX went filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and lost 800 million dollars in the process), ID&T managed to salvage their parties by bragging their way out of the New York snake pit of inflated egos, stock exchange listings and big money.

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