Haarlem Vinyl Festival announces lineup phase 1!

Haarlem Vinyl Festival 2023

A celebration of vinyl culture in Haarlem at the Paronaat, PHIL and countless other venues in the center of Haarlem.

Phase 1 lineup Haarlem Vinyl Festival

Haarlem Vinyl Festival has just revealed the first artists that will be part of the first-ever multi-day vinyl festival in the world. From Friday September 29th till Sunday October 1st DeWolff, Joris Voorn, Jungle by Night, Naaz and Selah Sue will be performing at the Patronaat and PHIL. The organization expects to welcome at least 15.000 visitors during this special weekender.

Vinyl-enthusiasts from all over the globe can gather in September at the first-ever Haarlem Vinyl Festival. During the 3-day vinylculture-program all aspects of the black gold (no, not oil, but vinyl records) will come together. The program consists of a music and arts selection, a conference as well as a huge open-air vinyl trade fair in collaboration with Europe’s biggest vinyl company Record Planet.

Besides DeWolff, Joris Voorn, Jungle by Night and Selah Sue, there are more artists announced: Bertolf, Them Two The Gotcha! Crew and Yin Yin. Tickets are available RIGHT NOW on haarlemvinylfestival.com as well as the websites of Patronaat and PHIL.

Patronaat & PHIL

Haarlem’s musical vanues Patronaat and PHIL are playing a major part during the Haarlem Vinyl Festival. In addition to the announced artists, there’s plenty of room for vinylculture in the form of lectures, interviews, listing sessions, live podcasts, vinyl-auctions and much more,

The first edition of Haarlem Vinyl Festival takes place from Friday September 29th until October 1st 2023. More information about the vinylculture program will be announced soon!

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