Liberty Dance @ Bevrijdingsfestival Zeeland 2023


Time flies! We’re approaching the end of April and as you might know, it’s tradition for us to visit our local Bevrijdingsfestival (Freedomfestival) in Zeeland. Recently they dropped the 2023 line-up and we’re really looking forward to checking out lots of local talent as well as internationally acclaimed DJ’s Vato Gonzalez and Sick Indiduals.

Mainstage headliners

Of course, we will be focusing mainly on the line-up of the popular Liberty Dance stage in this article, however we have to mention some of the main artists on the other stages. Probably this is the first year ever that no official ambassador of freedom (an artist that’s committed to the national freedom festival committee and feels connected to the theme of freedom) will be performing in Vlissingen, but the organization solved this very well by inviting one of the most popular Dutch bands right now: Goldband! The iconic Dutch band Van Dik Hout as well as Emma Heesters will definitely entertain the crowd as well.

Liberty Peach by Team Peach

If you’re local to Zeeland and you’ve never heard of Team Peach, we’d be very surprised to hear that. With regular event hostings in Middelburg and a string of festival-performances at most local events in Zeeland, they definitely know what the local crowd wants and we’ve personally witnessed they’re very capable of making the crowd dance, so it makes a lot of sense the boys got the honor to host the first part of the Liberty Dance program once again.

Introducing the first part of the Liberty Dance program (13:45 – 18:00):


FEBBA will be making his debut and will be opening the Liberty dance  stage at 13:45h. His sound is a cool mix of RnB, Hiphop and urban. He has already performed at a lot of clubs in the Netherlands and abroad, so he’s definitely ready for this.

DJ JONNA He’s all about a smooth mix of urban and house bangers. This artist already performed in Belgium, Greece, France and Spain! A DJ JONNA set is characterized by a lot of energy!


Idaly is part of the new wave movement within urban musicculture. He has already performed at some of the biggest events within the Netherlands such as Lowlands and Appelpop and kicked off this year by dropping his new album ‘Betty’ on arguably one of the biggest hip-hop labels around: Top Notch.


The name says it all: Hillfire will be bringing some 🔥music to the dancefloor. He’s an allround DJ, so he can do it all, but for Liberty Peach you can expect a lot of cool urban & moombahton beats.

Diaz & Bruno

What started as taking over the Rotterdam club-scene in the famous club Hollywood resulted in a worldwide takeover with performances abroad and at some of the biggest Dutch concepts around such as TikTak and Latin Village festival. What Diaz & Bruno achieved with their ‘Girls Goin Wild’ concept is rather unique in the eclectic music scene, so you can’t miss out on this duo! By the way, yes, we just referred to them as ‘eclectic’ but it’s truly impossible to describe their sound in only one genre, so allow yourself to be surprised!

Crazy Jack

It was LNY TNZ who came up with this term a long time ago and used the name to create a new music label, but seriously ‘F*ck Genres’ is the only possible way to describe a Crazy Jack DJ set. House, techno, latin & urban, it’s all in there!

Team Fuego

MC Donson is a familiar face at the Liberty Dance stage as an MC, but this will be the first time ever for him in the new formation ‘Team Fuego’ together with Young Villian. Let’s be real, we weren’t yet familiar with this act, but when we found out they already amassed 2 million streams on Spotify, we were intrigued. A little birdie told us they will be releasing a new EP in June, so why wouldn’t they drop a few premieres at the Liberty Dance Stage?!

Team Peach

Team Peach, which we’ve already introduced earlier in the article, is closing the Liberty Peach part of the program and we’re sure they’ve prepared a great set for this. During the set they’ll be setting up a nice transition to a bit more housy and techy beats, because as has been the case in the recent years, if you love house & techno music there are plenty of artists that you’ll enjoy!

Introducing the second part of the Liberty Dance program (18:00 – 00:00):

Reen-E & Hosmin

Both Reen-E & Hosmin have been captured by house & techno music since the nineties already. This B2B is pretty special because these DJs are keeping the techno scene alive in Zeeland. They organize ‘Techneut’ and ‘Nachtgymnastiek’ together in Goes. In our view a well deserved spot for these 2 artists kicking off the evening part of the Liberty Dance program at 18h.


Some female energy on the Liberty Dance stage! 21-year old Amara is a local hard-techno DJ and event-organizer. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this upcoming artist, because we expect great things in the future!

Rowen Clark

Homegrown in Zeeland, expanded worldwide! Just a few facts: he’s both a DJ and producer, released at Repopulated Mars, CR2, performed in Egypt, Thailand and Mexico. He’s very familiar with the crowd at a Freedomfestival so this is bound to be a memorable set!

Vato Gonzalez

Vato Gonzalez, the man with the iconic ‘Dirty House Mixtapes’, the endless really cool tracks with ‘Riddim’ in the title and a truly passionate ambassador of house music. He’s still doing everything himself after all these years from DJ’ing to producing. His music is supported by tastemakers in the DJ Mag Top 100 and radio personalities such as the legendary Pete Tong. Are you sure you’re ready for this?

Sick Individuals

In short: this is going to be SICK! How many artists can say they’ve done official remixes for Avicii, David Guetta, Madonna and Rihanna? The energetic duo has over 2 million unique listeners per month on Spotify and is on the road a lot while doing tours in Asia and the USA, but we’re really glad they will be closing the Liberty Dance stage this year. Make sure to stay until the end!

See you on May 5th! ✌️