Jay Hardway

Jay Hardway doesn’t need any introduction. The youngster is doing great in the charts and has performed on various stages around the world. At Amsterdam Dance Event we grabbed the opportunity to catch up with him to discuss 2015 and what’s next!


Hi Jay, how are you? How many times have you visited ADE now?

I’m great thanks! It’s my third time at Amsterdam Dance Event now. About 3 years ago Wizard ft. Martin Garrix was released so then I had to be here.

Wow yeah indeed, ‘Wizard’ is already 3 years old.. time goes fast! How would you describe ADE in 3 words?

Well I’m from the south of the Netherlands, the province Brabant to be precise, and I would compare ADE to our carnival. Basically by that I mean that the atmosphere at ADE is great and everybody is in a good mood, obviously the music of carnival is not the same music you hear here haha. Secondly I would say Amsterdam Dance Event is unique, it’s awesome that Amsterdam is THE capital of dance during this event, everybody is here. Lastly I’d mention the great atmosphere again, I love the crowd at ADE parties, it’s special.

Alright. You’ve been doing really well in the charts and that’s at least for some part thanks to your unique sound. How would you define your style?

Well that’s difficult to answer but I guess I always want to have a cool melody. Basically I always want to try out something new, that’s not always a massive change but in the studio I like to tweak my sounds until I think they sound great. I’m really grateful for the support my tunes are getting.

Okay that’s about your own tracks, what’s actually your favorite track at the moment?

I love ‘Shogun’ by Holl & Rush. That track is in my DJ set very often and the crowd responds to it very well.

Cool, you’ve been flying all over the world this year for your gigs so it’s a busy life for you, what do you do to relax between studio time & gigs?

I like to watch a movie and listening to other music genres. Amongst others I listen to deep house, techno & pop music. At times that also inspires me.

Nice, so we all know Electric Elephants is out now, what else concerning solo-tracks & collabs you’re working on at the moment?

Yeah indeed. I have 2 ongoing collabs that are a work in progress, with MOTi and with Firebeatz. I can’t say when they will be released because they aren’t finished yet. Maybe in 2015 or more likely in 2016. Electric Elephants has a really cool video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLASUu1Ekqg

Fair enough, looking forward to those! Final question, if you could choose any producer what would be your dream-collab?

Can I choose three? Well a collab with either Alesso, Coldplay or Calvin Harris would be amazing!

That would be interesting for sure! Thanks for this interview Jay!

No problem guys! Thanks!

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Interviewer: Alexander Bouten